Tweed Chronicles: Wild Flax

jenjoycedesign© spinning by a window

Spinning by a window  …
jenjoycedesign© spinning Wild Flaxlight flooding in to  unwind my shadowy worries.

jenjoycedesign© 010

I cast my mind to a warm landscape of wild flax …

 hoping to find the colors of the flowers in the wool blend …

jenjoycedesign© 019

I have been doing a lot of fiber blending,  and a little spinning too, which is for now easing me slowly back into creative mood.

jenjoycedesign© spun

( and am so grateful to “L” for the gift of a beautiful Ashford Traditional spinning wheel!)

♣     ♣     ♣

In closing,  FEMA clean-up crews have been working rapidly in Napa & Sonoma counties since the wildfire of October, and by the end of December, maybe a clean slate for us? Impossible to forecast the rebuilding ahead,  for now I find the cozy window here my joy of the afternoon.

♣     ♣     ♣

Techy stuff  for my Wild Flax Blue …

  •  2 g each of primary colors (6g tot) , for a base of color-saturated neutral ,  see this post; blend thoroughly on blending board 3 times Total 6g.    Note: for a more dramatic tweed, with gobs of color splashing through, blend only once , then continue.
  • 6g cornflower blue, layer very thinly one color at a time, with neutral base. Tot 12g.
  • Lift batt, layered again with 2g each of white, light green, teal. Tot 18g.

( I was trying to get more blended base, with a ‘dusting’ of brilliant blue on the last blend…)

  • Lift batt, and layered again with 2g  of cornflower blue. Tot 20g.
  • Drew off rolags.
  • Colorway of blend “Wild Flax Blue”
  • See ALL color blending experiments & recipes archived in Tweed Chronicles

17 thoughts on “Tweed Chronicles: Wild Flax

    • Tracey, although I didn’t really talk much about the wool blend in this post, wanted you to know it started with the color-saturated neutral you seemed to be interested in, and I added blue, white, green and teal !

  1. Lovely. The color is sublime. I too love flax. . The flower, spinning it.. it was the very first fiber I spun. Aren’t those Ashford traddys little workhorses?

    • Oh Morrie… the spinning wheel is amazing, it is teaching me really how to spin. I am still not so focused on the yarn as the color, but the wheel is a dream, I love, love, love it!

      • Oh, and I am finding that by spinning from rolags, and long-draw, there is far less twist in the singles, and for want of a quick finish, I have gotten by with ‘slight felt’ washing the singles, and be done with it ! So now I am keen on perfecting my lace-weight single, but homogenization of fiber is essential for that, as you know. I am spinning to spin, not to knit, but the singles may make nice little lace cowl.
        You won’t believe how incapable of anything that I am these days…. started a small knitted Feather & Fan cowl… with one of the felted singles, and I proceeded to lose my knitting bag ~~ Addi lace needles and all ~~~ one of the last survivors of my knit-walk bags too, as it was the one I took with me that day we ran from the fire ( sob ! ). But I have cast on and am now knitting 2-held-together Knit Picks WOA for a few knitting bags to felt. Sorry so much spilling out… but there is a lot of that going on with me these days too, mostly with tears, but good to get a chance to with words. xxx

  2. Lovely blend! That shade of blue is a favorite of mine. It speaks to me of sunny skies, soft breezes, and being light and airy, being wild and free while sitting in dappled sunshine.

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