A Summer Thing


A delightful, soothing, and downright gorgeous finished knit has appeared in Ravelry feed!  Safiyyyah’s Highway 29 Halter !

You can see her project details on Ravelry here.

♣     ♣     ♣

Meanwhile, I’ve got a summer thing just off the needles too.

jenjoycedesign© summer-thing-one

A new forthcoming design for summer is most definitely here,

with spells of high heat and endless blue skies.

27 thoughts on “A Summer Thing

  1. Jen, I’ll recognize you under any name, so use the one you like best! (I rather love Yarnings – sounds like yarn, or telling a yarn, or yearn; but REALLY – whatever you like!).

    • Thank you so much! What a relief, I was sort of yearning to tell more yarnings myself… somehow I felt I created a too-pro look, need to remedy,…. maybe. 🙂 xx

  2. I love your Summer Thing top it looks very comfortable.

    Truthfully I hadn’t noticed a change in your blog name. I only follow your blog so it just pops up automatically.

    I hope you are having a lovely day. It is raining here and thunderstorms are forecast for this afternoon. I already have a cold option for dinner in case the power goes off.

    • Wen, lucky you, immersed in all that weather!!! Is static, to windy heat considered weather at all? LOL. No opinion then on name change?

  3. Perfect Summer Thing design! I love it. They’re the best! ….and yes, noticed the jenjoyce design heading change when the notices came through to my email that way. Totally natural evolution. xo

  4. I like the change of names for your blog!
    Most certainly it easily appears on Google when you look up Jenjoyce. Good luck with the new name- a name for good design and excellent patterns!

    • Yvonne, your vote most definitely pushes the poll results to keeping the new title. Thank you so much, and I wish you the most productive summer weeks ahead collecting & foraging from nature’s bounty! xx

  5. Love the new and partial sweaters. Didn’t notice the name change, you pop into my reader no matter the name. 😉 If I were counseling you on running the business, I would be in favor of the change. As a reader, I don’t care.

  6. Jenjoyce Design is perfect. The name says it all. What more could you ask for? (Except maybe more fantastic patterns like Summer Thing. How cute!)

    • Wow, Peggy ~ thanks! And yes, there will be a pattern, and a pattern give-away, so stay tuned for further instructions when everything is ready to go. xx

  7. Congratulations to your newest design idea, the fresh looking summer something (which one can wear with long sleeve tee or blouse the whole year through, I guess?!)
    If you want some test / sample knitters, you know where to find them (LOL)
    “Yarnings” had a fantastic time! showed extremly wonderful photos, told us news from the hills / woods, inspired us with crafty handwork and connected visitors from allover the world.
    “Jenjoyce Design” it´s you! and everything “Yarnings” had included, was also 100% you, exept of the name. So this seems to be a logical change!

    • Petra, yes, you will be gifted the forthcoming pattern in the give-away when it is ready. Really, as I’ve done all the math, I just need to write it into my pattern to submit. Maybe this coming week ? Maybe end of June?
      Thank you, Yarnings had its day, and the references in my blog will make sense only to those who read my blog ‘back when’. Change is good. Everything in its place! ( as long as its changing …lol.) xx

  8. Well, you know me and wordplay. I thought “Yarnings” was tres distinque, totally highbrow, doncha know. I agree wiith gubbababoy…it’s like yearning for a good yarn. It says everything about you in one word, coined by you. But it does help business to have one name across all boards, I reckon. How about “Jenjoyce Yarnings?” Or you can have a periodic pondering within Jenjoyce Designs called Yarnings. I’m torn…and sentinental…auld Lang syne and all that, ya ken. What does the scorched garden whisper at night?

    • Taddy O’, that’s two votes for the old Yarnings, now I’m all heart sick for the old days again. Thought their was nearly a consensus, but now… sigh. I was going for the polish of the more sleek look, but really, I am anything but sleek in my real life, my dusty, cob webby, country life… but nobody would know that now would they? LOL. I have missed your missives, darn you, don’t stay away! And the garden is rockin’ this summer because I am just setting the sprinkler now, knitting a few rows, drinking my coffee, watching the loggers cutting trees and they fall so loud, crashing through the other trees, then I move the sprinkler. Has its own kind of rhythm , doncha know! The garden is an oasis right now, and the wildlife is loving it (hummingbirds taking dives into the sprinkler charms me out of my lawn chair! ) All is easy for me to boast about in June… wait until August, then I’ll usually give up. 🙂 xx( x)

      • I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to “stay away.” I guess I got a bit hermity. You can always call ‘yoo-hoo,’ and I’ll meet you at the fence. You sound fabulous. A mind that can ponder the intricacies of word meanings can’t be too distraught. Boy, time passages, huh? I’m so glad your land has transformed itself into an enchanted land. The magic rises up from the earth, doesn’t it? And don’t mind about the trees … in case you are. They leave their blessings.

        • This is just another extension of the fence, and I’m hoping you’ll continue. Your bite sized literature are so much fun to read!!!

  9. I must admit I was really excited to see your post come up in my Facebook but I honestly didn’t realize that you had changed the name until I started reading. I saw the photos of your knitting and knew it was from you! I love the Summer Thing! Last week I was making strawberry jam and this week I set my first batch of elderflower syrup. I am loving the scent of the elderflowers and so do the bugs apparently!!! Looking forward to your next post by what ever name you choose…

    • Dawn~ Strawberry Nibble Knitter you! 🙂 I adore your life, so reminds me of Yvonne’s, and of Petra’s, with your elderflower foraging, and farmy charmed life. I’ve never even seen elderflower (or berry) anything, so I will see if I can find some on the shelves next time I wander into the local gourmet shops. There’s something to look forward to! Oh, and more knitting. I hope you knit a Summer Thing, in forthcoming KAL… hint hint… .that would be so wonderful. xx

  10. Hi, Jen — I still like Yarnings, because I like the whimsy of it. I do understand that professionally the new name may make sense, but still…I’m casting my vote for Yarnings!

  11. Hi chookie!
    I liked ‘yarnings’ too. We use the saying ‘a good yarn’ as another way of saying a good chat (or blether!). Here’s the dictionary definition:
    “1) A continuous strand of twisted threads of natural or synthetic fibers, such as wool or nylon, used in weaving or knitting. 2) A similar strand of other materials such as glass or plastic. 3) Informal A long, often elaborate narrative of real or fictitious adventures; an entertaining tale”.
    I must admit I never noticed the change either. I always look at your photos then scroll back and read your ‘yarnings’.
    Hope you are all well. x

    • Thank you Kelly, by the way, it is time for you and I to have a good yarn together, I’d say! Well, maybe Yarnings will win out afterall. Thank you for your official definition too! xx

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