Posted from Hamburg…

jenjoycedesign© Petra's-Fishwives-Tee
Hi everybody,  its me Abelene.

Look here what  the post lady brought Jen!  All the way from Hamburg Germany to Napa California, in transit all the way through the summers solstice, and finally landed here just now.   Jen was SO EXCITED to get this parcel from Petra, she immediately ran into the shed where I’ve been held captive in my box,  up in the rafters,  since she moved up into her charcoal forest, and assembled me with a happy mood.   Now, I am just as excited as she is, because she is letting *moi* debut Petra’s gorgeous piece of work!    ::claps wildly::  Where is Jen at this moment?

She is , of course, to tears with overwhelm, while making a grateful & delicious cup of coffee, (something she and Petra have a mutual fondness for & discuss often)  and Jen asked me to say something about remembering   Fishwives Lace Shoal ,  and say that  this cotton tee has been made into a most beautiful flattering tee modification of Fishwives lace motif as one could possibly design, and so Jen and I are totally & completely smitten with it!

Jen also wants me to say this:   Did you know that Petra is an outstanding designer?  Not just a knitter from the world, but a fabulous talented expert knitter!!!    Petra is responsible for designing  St Andrews Tam  which Jen considers a generous collaboration of Petra’s,   for she is all around a generous, kind, and brilliantly talented woman whom Jen can never show enough gratitude for all she has test-knit and brought into existence exciting modifications of many of Jen’s patterns.

Oh, but how about some more details of Petra’s Fishwives Tee…

jenjoycedesign© Petra's Fishwives Tee detail2

A repeat on the sleeve, and tiny increases down the side

jenjoycedesign© Petra's Fishwives Tee detail4

The fish tails …  splashes …  and waves , its all there! 

Petra has made this A-line tee in fine cotton yarn, with tiny needles, um, so a brain of a dress form like me can not even grasp how many stitches that would work out to be.  But every one of those tiny stitches delivers Petra’s gigantic spirit, strength, and warmth into Jen’s life.  A lot of stitches indeed.  Well,  nearly midnight in Germany, already Petra has long put down her school books and breaking from her study,  and is probably fast asleep, so I am going to say  ta ta for now, and let Jen send this post.

Many many many thanks Petra!!!

xx Abelene und Jen

6 thoughts on “Posted from Hamburg…

  1. Dear Abelene,
    so nice to see you! And so happy, my summer solstice tee arrived! Please hug Jen, and tell her, that we are so overwhelmed about her lovely blog post! (and truely totally ashamed to get such a publicity with our gift ……. but this was the first birthday surprise – and the biggest ever! – this morning for Petra ….. because the postman said, it would take 3 weeks to ship the post, and after only one week it landed!)
    So I hope it will be a comfortable garden summer tee!
    P.S. you can´t imagine how hard it was, to keep the secret (LOL)
    Life is good!
    Thanks Jen for everything!
    Love, from Ms. Mannequin & Petra

    • Petra, please let me spill out a bit here, because your sending me a gift on your birthday is, well… just a beautiful symbol. I wish I had sent you something for your birthday! omg…HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I had no clue whatsoever, what you were up to with the ‘cowl’, you little vixen! You have really gone to great lengths to support me, so some little blog recognition is definitely appropriate… its our table we sit together here, the Yarnings Cafe (( oh, do you think, perhaps a new title? )) where we drink lovely virtual lattes and discover possibilities in knitting! Thank you again Petra, I am really blow outa the water over your present. ~ xx!

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