A fishy retrospect…

One year ago we were frantically knitting Fishwives Shawls & Stoles!   That is, myself and my dear friend Wendy were both  stealth knitting a pile of shawls and stoles to test all variations of the pattern Fishwives Shoal,  discussing shape, style, and yardage for three sizes of three styles of the design, and just having so much fun with the fish tails, splashes & waves.

I knitted while I researched about shoals ….

… and about a not-so-glamorous side of the fishwives work …

… about “April Fish Day” in France….

… getting to know my new dress form …

Discovering one of my favorite bands I’ve ever heard, from the Hebrides, The Lochies!!!

Folks, that design has got to be the highlight of my whole designing experience yet, and you Wen, were with me in spirit, knitting way over there in Ontario Canada.   In fact, I would like to give special mention of gratitude to Wendy,  who is so very kind and generous to have helped me, tirelessly test knitting just about every one of my designs, and who made great camaraderie while I designed my earlier patterns, up to date with my most recent ones  ~~ thank you Wen,  thank you friend of friends!

Sweet are the memories of my house during that time, dying yarn, knitting, blocking a big stole on the bed in my loft, and the old captains chair with several of my finished works waiting, unplying a ball of Knit Picks Palette to get a ball of fine laceweight to test pattern with …  and I think I am in the mood to finally cast on for an anniversary stole , as I really had enjoyed it so much.  Having lost all to the wildfire in the following October, I must have the medium grey stole again! My favorite of the three was the stole, this one…


So I am going to cast on this weekend , while between designs. Will you join me? Fishwives Shoal series can be found HERE, and if you scroll down to the bottom of the page you’ll see them all, from first concept, as it modulated and became such a fishy frolic.  See you on the flip-side, with my Grey Stole 2, modeled on Abelene 2!

10 thoughts on “A fishy retrospect…

  1. Dear Jen

    It was my pleasure to knit the Fishwives Shoal pattern as well as all your other great patterns. It is hard to believe it has been a year since you designed the Fishwives patterns.

    We are supposed to get four days of thunderstorms and rain so that is a good time to stay indoors and knit. Once I find a suitable skein of yarn I will join you in making another Fishwives.

    • Wen, I know you enjoyed it too, because it was fun! I need to go into the Tiny Attic and find my box of yarns, so I can see what I have and what I may need to get. I will let you know when I am casting on! xx

  2. Awwww, my heart did a double thump seeing your house. Almost lost it, BUT you WILL have a lovely home again and make more beautiful memories and beautiful stoles. That grey one is my favorite too!

    • I admit, it brings tears to my eyes to look over this post, the sunny house I loved so much. I think good therapy to try a repeat process, instead of trying to forget, try even harder to remember! xx

  3. Great luck, having such good memories! Nobody and nothing could take that away!
    Congratulations, to you both, Wen & Jen, for working out this outstanding gorgeous design ❤

    • Thank you Petra, you are very right , I will always have these posts to remind me of my crafty obsession in the (original) house. I can only hope to not skip a beat, and to get another couple of Fishwives going on the needles ! xx

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