A Pinterest Kick-start

Hi folks, I’ve joined the wide world of Pinterest!

Please give me a kick-start if you are already on Pinterest by going on to my page and following me ~~  I’d appreciate it very much:  https://www.pinterest.com/jenjoycedesign/

I will be pinning content on one mixed board mostly of my designs, and others knits of my designs, but also the wild places I go & relevant pins about rustic things,  interesting blog posts I’ve made, and other bits of life as I know it.

More posts soon to come of the building, the rafters are going up, but photos are so compromised by smoke from more California wildfires.

Thanks so much!   xxJen

6 thoughts on “A Pinterest Kick-start

    • Thank you Kelly! I will now follow you back! You’d be proud of me, you who gave me some lessons some time ago about social media and how I resisted for a long time. Now I am realizing some of them will be fun and free, and I look back at our conversations feeling a good sense of ‘ done & dusted ‘. I am so busy trying to pull it all together, and I know you are too! How are you doing on your soon-to-be-launched shop??? xxx

  1. Hi Princess Little Bird! I’m so pleased to see your home rising from the ashes. I wish I could be there. I think you might be impervious to the slings and arrow of outrageous fortune, now that you have come through to the better side of your literal trial by fire. At some point in the building process, assemble some pipers and have a kirking…to bless it, ya ken. I’m following you on Pinterest. My moniker there is Kittle Phitzroi. (I signed up before I trusted it with my real name.) : > ))
    Love as always,
    T ♡♡♡

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