Knitting In A Room


Knitting in a room is a theme I love to post about, because to me its as if rooms can speak silent nurturing words, or be as a listening friend, and even fill me with inspiration. Such was this original loft room, which is nearly half way built again.   If I can ignore the dim light, the sprinkler system plumbing over the subfloor, the rough cut opening which will be a window again soon, then I can imagine how it will be.


Those of you who have been following my posts since long before the wildfire, might recognize this spot on the stairs,  the most photographed spot for countless knitted things were on this shelf  wall at the top of the stairs, with the bright southerly sunshine pouring in from a big skylight.  But right now everything is quite dark for the (six) skylights have not been cut out of the roof yet, nor the windows uncovered from plastic to keep the rain out. I am hoping next time I post about rebuilding it will have the light pouring in that I was so fond of !

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Until then, I have placed a chair upstairs in my loft room to be, and I can walk up from the tiny house as often as I like (when the builders are gone) to climb the stairs and sit and knit in the room that I am swiftly falling in love with all over again.


14 thoughts on “Knitting In A Room

    • Wen, it is remarkably like the original! I feel in a way, now that I’ve put that chair in there, like taking claim to a space, I’m already nearly home again. Although I’m sure the builders would be annoyed if I started bringing things like my spinning wheel up! xx

  1. It’s difficult to find words that are sufficient to express how happy and relieved I am for the progress you are – finally – experiencing. It’s been a long, strange trip, but goodbye to yesterday. Talk about creation!

    • Taddy, it was maybe around 6 months before the wildfire when you started to comment on my blog, and now with about 6 months left to go (we’re only guessing) before we move in again, its rather symbolic, these big changes I’m sharing with the world who dares to exchange heartfelt sentiments in the little boxes. Thank you for then, thank you for now, and hopefully what will be. Still in transition here, but much happier all around. xx

      • Little Moth, there was a time that I despaired of hearing the word ‘happy’ from ever crossing your lips again. Happy wasn’t a natural state of being for so long. It was an agonizingly long time, and a passage through hell, but now it’s time for walking in tall grass again…til time and times are done. And yes, you’re so eloquently right…aren’t these little boxes of sentiment wonderful? (Hey! Book title?) I’m so glad that I met you before the fire. I’m not sure exactly why, but it seems important somehow. Maybe it’s so I’ll have something clever to say when they interview me about the famous authoress. Yeah…that’s the ticket.
        : > ))

        • Well I was pathetic & miserable for over a year, so now I am not sure, but I have to really work on my happy state, as it seems to me happiness is surely a habit a person can either trip into or out of. Yes, I knew YOU , your encouraging presence when I was manic and full of frenzy (I believe it was blending colors for spinning) and your kindness has helped bridge me on over to being in that place again. In fact I have been rather fantasizing, going back over this blog archives to see how life was in the months before the wildfire, and I think I will enjoy purposefully recapturing those times. Maybe I’ll post a series of posts revisiting ‘before’ so it will kind of land me back in place again …. kind of like a crane putting something very small in place. There we are ” a little to the right… no… waaaay off…. bring ‘er back up, and go left about 5 feet, wait! You’re almost their, inch it this way…. PUT ‘ER DOWN!!! ” 🙂 Thank you Taddy. xxx

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