A sandy beach, a beautiful girl, and a ukelele.

Got the beach.

Now the girl and the ukelele . . .

My younger niece here, whom so many of you recognize in a gazillion photo shoots on my blog, has learned to play her grandmother’s ukelele.  A Martin, which in its first life accompanied her grandmother Barbara to Carmel beach in Monterey California,  to sing and hang out with the teens til late, in the Beatnik era of the early fifties.  Barbara was also a stunningly beautiful girl, and a musician, and the resemblance is very surprising between the two! Just saying.   Now the ukelele belongs to Yours Truly, and she’s got it in her blood I think, and I just love it!

6 thoughts on “A sandy beach, a beautiful girl, and a ukelele.

    • Oh Hey, Jim! Great to hear from you! Alas, there’s not anything going on with music and me (since well before the wildfire)….maybe one day again, eh? But hey, I don’t want to steal my niece’s well deserved applause! 🙂

      • Understood. The video was really great. BTW, I’m playing with my family now and occasionally play in town. Maybe we’ll see you some time. Https//:terryfamilyband.com. Meanwhile, I have a daughter-in-law who is very interested in knitting so I have my eye out for Christmas presents. I Ike what you are doing.

        • Send her my way, I will knit with her! For now I’m laying low up on the mountain until our house is rebuilt. But I am knitting all the time. 🙂

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