The darling of the place

I hear ocean waves again,   a sandy beach , a beautiful girl, and a ukulele   all over again.

Carmel sand dunes,  the smell of the beach fire, I am drifting back …

Whenever the darling of the place  makes these great little music videos strumming on her grandmother Barbara’s old Martin ukulele, it touches my heart. Lift to your ear and hear it, just like the conch shell in a swirling tidal magical way,  the sound is so charming, and so lovely!

9 thoughts on “The darling of the place

  1. So nice that your niece is still singing and playing and sharing on Youtube… and using Barbara’s instrument! That’s so neat. I didn’t know your mom played the uke. But you also had a piano at home? hmm my memory is foggy LOL

    I agree with your YT comments. Nina has a singing voice that has purity, simplicity and an outreach to touch our deep feelings.

    • Ben, oh, wow,; and I just got back from an afternoon spent with she and her mom and I , including a ” soul stroll ” in Bothe State Park. Yes, my mom had the uke, but like so many of her generation, she played it at the beatnik beach parties in her youth, and the piano was her instrument of passion. The Darling looks so much like Barbara too, I mean.. a lot!
      Thank you xx

  2. Wow…. what a professional website. Very fanciful and romantic. Beautiful pictures. I am sure your audience is very charmed.

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