Up & Coming . . .

jenjoycedesign© felted thing 1

I’ve always knitted bags to felt, so many in fact, that I couldn’t even count them, and have given most of them away.  These are incredibly easy to make, and the felting is instantly gratifying!  I finally decided to go ahead and make a pattern, so after all these years I am working on a bit of a collection that is up & coming soon.

jenjoycedesign© felted thing 3

This is the first of them, a taste test.  It was a big floppy loose bag this morning, and now it is sturdy and has a shaped bottom and stands on its own with a salute!


I’m really excited to have  this collection soon to be ready, and so pleased with its shape. The motifs will be themed with something that is … well… something that lately I have been thinking is ‘the genius of the place’.  If that whets your curiosity, then all the better!

jenjoycedesign© felted thing 4

I’ve got the pattern mostly written, just need to knit up a few more of them and I’ll see you back here on the flip side.

19 thoughts on “Up & Coming . . .

  1. A very smart design for everyday use! Beautiful colors, lovely shopen and sturdiness. Suits me perfectly for all little things I need to carry around when trendinformatören the youngest grandchildren. I do look forward to seeing your pattern❤️

    • Yvonne, always such an honor and pleasure to hear from you! There will be another shape, or two, but when I post about the pattern next, is your queue to please join in the KAL promotion. 🙂 Hope you are well and that making things dominates your life once again! xx

    • Thank you Virginia, I am getting the bag collection all sorted, just a lot of knitting for another week , and maybe soon! Thank you for your support and positive cheerleading! xx

  2. Jen, this basket-shape and size of your felted bag is so gorgeous! WOW! I will also have a look for the forthcoming promotion to knit – felt one, for sustainable shopping in future.

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