Yarn Tasting: Swedish yarn in Peruvian style.

jenjoycedesign© Swedish Wool 2

I had bought this Swedish wool yarn for another project that is now on indefinite hold, because I love so much the colorway of mustard yellows and grey shades that the yarn company carries.

jenjoycedesign© Swedish Wool 3

Ullcentrum 2ply sport is a very beautiful rustic yarn, with lovely shades over-dyed from varying natural fleece colors (the way I do it).  I wouldn’t say it soft, or light, or even consistent in thickness but those traits are actually preferable because I am designing something which echoes the traditions of high Andean farming villages of Peru, a good long step away from too pure of a commercial quality.

jenjoycedesign© Swedish wool

Backstory: While Sheltering In over the last month I have been sketching with some Peruvian made sock yarn for this Peruvian inspired design. I love the yarn but the right shades are not made for what I want ( I had to over-dye a light grey and a light brown with golden yellow to get the mustard yellows for this swatch. )  I have gone through and through my collection of yarns and although I have plenty of Peruvian made yarns,  I have none which has the mustard yellow and ochre that I want.

jenjoycedesign© Peruvian style

Swatching a Peruvian design with Peruvian made Berocco Ultra Wool Fine.

Insisting on these two mustard shades, I am decidedly giving in to the Ullcentrum 2ply yarn, although it is much heavier for what I had in mind, being sport weight at 330y/100g , and what I was swatching with is 400y/100g.  I will get creative, and as I must continue to shelter in for the remainder of April, and be resourceful at the same time, I will commit to the forces of nature here and let it be what it wants to be.  Does it really matter that the yarn comes from Sweden?

Edit In: Crazy work of coincidence going on here, after publishing this post I clicked the link  Yarn Tastings past, and noticed last yarn tasting was posted on this exact date a year ago, April 5 2019, and it was in fact a  yarn tasting of Berocco Ultra Wool Fine,   the very same yarn I did the above swatch in!

10 thoughts on “Yarn Tasting: Swedish yarn in Peruvian style.

    • Hi Liz. I haven’t yet cast on, but you’ll be hearing from me via this blog, when its getting ” rattled off ” as you put it. xx

  1. These colors are devine!
    I knitted a lot of Danish and Norwegian yarns, and love them, but I never had my hands on Swedish yarns…
    How interesting a Peruvian – Swedish relation!

    • Petra, I do think I mentioned to you a few weeks ago how I was wanting to try the ever-so-popular colorway of gold and grey, and I thought this yarn would be perfect, but its not 😦
      I believe it is a first rate fail for my South American flavor design, which is to be first knit into a chullo for my brother when some fine cotton shows up. I thought after the chullo I might try doing a tam, and or fingerless mitts, you know, the usual colorwork designs, but this yarn is far too thick and ropey for intricate colorwork. In fact, I am not sure what I am going to do with the yarn , but I’ve put it in a zippered tote and packed it away in my yarn dresser for now. Back to square one I guess. I have been feeling strangely fuzzy in the head and exhausted, although I’m nearly sure I’m not sick, just feeling rather affected by the whole week four of sheltering in. I’m certain feeling this way must be very common for everyone about now. Its just a sign of the times I suppose. How are you doing there? xx

      • “……this yarn is far too thick and ropey for intricate colorwork…..”
        I guess the 1-ply would have been better for colorwork……. the 2-ply sport weight you have is perfect for sweaters! Hillwalker goes swedish!

        ….and yes , these times are mentally exhausting….I am so grateful for poeple keeping all necessary services running, often in a good mood, that´s not a matter of course in these times!

        • The 1ply however is more lace-weight, at 660y/100g, believe me, I was separating the plies ready to do the Unspun technique. However, to design something that yarn cant’ be replicated would not be the right way to go about it, so back to searching for colorways in Peruvian yarns for the Peruvian style design . Oh, yes, maybe a hillwalker using the random generator stripes! 🙂 I’ll let it inhabit a space in my Loft for a while before I think of the perfect thing for it. I actually saw it on Kammebornia, as Sophia designs and knits with it, it looks so wonderful on mittens and garments she’s made. I’ll try again maybe.
          I hope you’re doing okay there in Hamburg, with lots of knitting yarn with you. xx

          • Oh, I don’t like to point out unfavorable traits in yarn, but to knit the 2ply on tighter needles was intensifying the coarse feel and general scratchy fabric was not very pleasurable. The yarn needs to be knit with bigger needles in a dk type gauge to be it’s best I think. Maybe colorwork with a sweater yoke would be suitable for it.

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