Knitters From The World


Photo by lsad

This knitter from Oregon has done a fabulous job with Hillwalker.

She used the same yarn as it was designed with , Studio Donegal’s  Soft Donegal , which is really a gorgeous yarn with incredible merino softness, beautiful tweed colors, and the mill has an impressive long-standing tradition in Ireland, as all the yarns from Studio Donegal .  One thing for certain, a great finish photo from a knitter who has made my design,  has got to be the biggest thrill of the whole indie designer experience.

The pullover is super easy, pretty much two sleeves, a body, a circular yoke decreasing into a neck band, with a few short-rows to raise the back a little more.  She certainly makes it look like a sure thing  and seems outfitted and ready to walk the hills ~~ Thank you Ms Oregon Knitter, for your awesome knitting and photo shares!

You can see her project details on Ravelry here.

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