two years . . .

Two years ago I had just submitted my Walking With Emma sock pattern. It actually seems longer to me now, that very difficult time of my life waiting and waiting for the construction to finish on our rebuilt house, and eager to get my post wildfire life going again. I worked hard to distract myself on the sock pattern collection, as well as laboring to make a new place to walk, and together those elements symbolized so much to me at a time when everything seemed in such disarray, it was completely therapeutic! Now, two years later, I am revisiting those sock prototypes, and chose the ocean blue one, a chart D ribbed variation from the one-sock stack, about to cast on for the second sock so that I can not only enjoy a finished pair, but so that I’ll have some small thing to knit while walking along the territory ahead, since I must now be out every day with Juno, taking those steps again, and again, away from sadness and towards gladness!

Oh, and maybe a little explanation about all the boxes? Recently I found this collection of eight beautiful handmade nesting Shaker boxes, which I’ve wanted a set for ages, and aren’t they gorgeous! Outside of just keeping crafty things in them, I hope to use in future as photo props. I don’t have a desk this time around, instead I’ve gathered for my work space (the loft) a drop leaf table, two beat up dressers stacked one on top of the other, and an old hutch I found, and I now have homes for every imaginable craft related bit or bob I should ever want to keep, and must say that however pleased I am with the lovely groupings of vintage sewing boxes, Longaberger baskets, and Shaker boxes, I am admittedly exhausted searching in thrift shops and on Ebay, and am satisfied to say there is not a thing in the world I am in need of, being thoroughly, well and fully, done setting up shop! Kind of an old-timey space . . .

Outside of the sock thing, and another stack of prototypes for a new design, I am oh so busy being a puppy mom again, for that single most element of my life is the best, and find that caring for another being is the surest way to happiness.

8 thoughts on “two years . . .

    • Tracey, thank you so much for stopping in and commenting. I must make the trails anew, the landscape has changed dramatically, but I am starting walking down the road. 🙂 I hope you are happy and healthy! xx

    • Maureen, that is SO COOL! I clipped pieces out of a crumpled paper bag and wrote in my best handwriting the items. Did you label them too? I swear, now that the covid is past (I hope you’re vaccinated?) there’s no stopping us. I’m so happy to hear you’re painting! Do you have a blog for your painting? So glad to see your hello! xx

      • I will incorporate my painting into my blog soon! You did get me to get this far on my WP site…Unfortunately…Covid is not past nor will it be for some time, but we can still stay creative and stay strong….and yes I am vaccinated. So glad for your reply 🙂

    • Regina, I guess that is one thing about “starting all over” after losing everything, I got exactly what I wanted this time around, and the Longaberger baskets are collectors items now, but you can still get them on ebay if you’re curious. The recent acquisition of nesting handmade wood Shaker boxes were something I’ve forever wanted , so I splurged and found a set. I hope you’re enjoying your summer bunches! xx

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