friendly socks . . .

In our house we each have a bench, Jeff and I, which are posted on either side of the back sliding door where beneath we stash our most used shoes & boots. The shoes & boots are an ever changing collage, with socks often tossed on the floor about the shoes, sometimes strewn half way into the room and not so neatly tucked away as these well-behaved ones are, and as country life tends to be. Underneath ” my ” dusty bench are presently somewhat muddy LLBean Boots and Columbia trail boots, side by side, and it made such a nice homey scene that I just had to grab my camera, because it just so happens I noticed both pairs of boots had my two cherished pairs of Wild Wool Trail Socks stuffed into them. What is so special is that each pair are gifts knitted for me sent from from my dear knitting friends from afar, Petra and Virginia, side by side, it seems to me they are reminding me and cheering me on as I ((( again ))) make strides in hiking daily. The socks are my first choice for hiking, and working outdoors on the homestead, thus they are my most worn, and each time I slip them on my feet I really do feel the encouragement and support from my friends, in so much more than the knitting, their spirits walk with me. I am full of companionship today as I am tired from another Day One of a new hiking regimen (even only a couple of miles) with springtime ahead and feeling therefore also full of gratitude.

11 thoughts on “friendly socks . . .

  1. Don’t the socks look cozy and happy all snuggled in their booties!?! Thank you for sharing this photo as I often like the look of Don’s and my socks and boots side by side just like that. It represents the accomplished hike and the very thing that bonded us together in our beginning and saved our marriage once or twice. Hiking, being in nature, getting in touch with one’s self, falling in love…all captured in a photo.

    • My dear dear V, I sure hope that I can stay with this hiking, something always throws inertia back my way, but with your beautiful well knitted socks, I certainly feel your encouragement! Starting out fresh again, each day is a box ticked, and after a while I’ll not notice, it will be habit again. By the way, Jeff and I fell in love in the Sierra Nevada mtns, and so another trail-made love story to share, over coffee, in our Wild Wool Socks. Thank you so much! :heart:

    • I think so too, even though the bench was covered in dust and the floor still not finished, magical enough. So there’s day two now to get through without sweating it too much. xx

    • Petra-chen, I really do wear these all the time, and they are so well made that I hope to wear them forever! Thank you so much for the loving gesture of the socks, and I really do think of you everytime I slip them on, which is so often. :heart:

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