Pattern footnotes & variations on the menu.

A sort of coffee menu seems to be developing as I’m adding variations to the Double Cappuccino theme since my latest pattern overhaul. I’ve written three unique variations for the sock pattern; a handsome country sock, a basic plain & simple sock, and a pretty little ankle sock with just a kiss of lace rib on the cuff.

First, the country sock — Cafe Latte — a really wide rib, along with a contrasting cuff, heel & toe. On this particular sample of variation I was experimenting with a *k1, p1* rib for half the contrast cuff, then I switched to *k3, p1* for the other half, before settling into the *k7, p1* wide rib . . . but the footnote on this sample is that I think one or the other would look best. Soon I’ll have this first pair of country socks finished, and will no doubt refine the idea in a second pair, for it is my favorite of the three variations.

Next is the ankle sock– Single Shot — just one lace repeat, but then continuing in the wide ribbing, as a plain ribbed half leg or ankle sock. The thing is that the single ribbing behaves in a particular way with the decreases of the lace, that it creates those little cup-shapes in the ribbing, which I find so adorable and I really love this variation. Single Shot is for those modest lace lovers out there.

Last and not least is the sock I’ve wanted forever — Basic Brew — for mindless knitting and dependably uncomplicated. Again the cuff shown in two ribbings for the sake of example; *k1, p1* and *k7, p8* , just a little step start of interest and then just go ahead and stride out, working the whole sock in stockinette, through the heel and all. A plain sock method I’ve always wanted and I think this Basic Brew variation will be it. Can’t wait for this finish because the soft gradient Kroy yarn in copper colors is really spectacular. Well, there’s the three variations which have been now added to Double Cappucino Sock pattern, and I’m going to just settle in with knitting samples of these for a while.

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