sock adventure

Having spent many months on the latest sock design overhaul, then sock yarn making & more sample sock knitting, I feel I have finally come to a place where I can just be done for a while, as I really do need to move on to some serious sweater knitting at this point, but we’ll see about that. After sending these two pairs of socks knit with the UnSpun Sock Yarn off to Vancouver this morning, I will stop next door at the Oakville Grocery and get a nice cup of coffee, and wrap my mind around going on sock sabbatical for however long it takes, and facing the new design in the territory ahead.

The grey pair is the pattern Double Cappuccino, and the pink/brown pair being one of the variations called Basic Brew. I’ve knit the Basic Brew with two yarns held together and ankle length for warmer weather boots walking, my sister-in-law wears wool socks year round, and walks a lot so she is my designated wool sock tester!

In closing, I’d like to say that I really have a hankering to resume some serious spinning on my vintage Ashford Traditional, and get to making more handspun, as it is my dream as well as my plan to make ongoing samples of all of my designs in handspun (and UnSpun). There’s nothing like the handspun, so crisp, and bursting with halo in the morning light.

Socks: Double Cappuccino Socks and Basic Brew Variation

Yarn: UnSpun Peruvian Superwash Fingering

and UnSpun Superwash Fingering held together with Stroll merino sock yarn.

Project details: here and here.

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