The mess of making, of designing, of starting over again, then again, and pencils, tape measure, calculator and notes strewn about the table. The yarn really gets used up and I feel no closer today to being well on my way than I was in the beginning of this design. The body of the prototype is getting the wrong gauge despite the fact that I made a correct swatch, this only means that one can’t really swatch for a project until all two-hundred-and-forty-seven stitches are on the needles, and I’ve done several days of knitting, then and only then will the elusive stitch gauge reveal itself. Well blast, so I’ll set aside the paper white cardigan prototype for now, and work on the greyed down pullover prototype in a set of larger needles, and I’m sure I’ll get gauge from which I wrote the pattern! Keeping this design journal going, if only to entertain myself in the process of design, and glad that I am. My summer is going to be busy with these two, possibly a third one (in the light grey on the right). In closing I’ll say that we’re having a patch of very lovely cool foggy mornings and cool days and that is the most healing balm of all! That, and the fact that Jeff (and Juno) are at last rebuilding his workshop!

7 thoughts on “balm

  1. I got a kick out of that picture though. It reminds me of those 80’s murder mysteries where someone is trying to remember who the killer is, and all the memory scenes are fuzzy around the edges. ….keep experimenting! I bet you’ll find an effect that you really love. xo

  2. I had to laugh at Sorcha’s comment about the 80’s murder mysteries. So true! Is this really your dream/nightmare, Jen? It’s right out of a Murder She Wrote episode. It was the hermit in the loft with the knitting needle! Bwahahahaha…
    BTW…I love the picture of Juno supervising the workers. She’s a beautiful girl.

    • Hello V ~~ You two are so funny, with your little murder mystery club, lol. I never saw those shows so am not getting the reference lol. I probably missed out because I was too busy reading Salinger’s ” Raise High The Roof Beam Carpenters ” lol!!! xxx

      • V- I did a little research, and Sorcha also informed me, that a popular dreamy filter affect in the Eighties was smearing vaseline on the camera lens. Wait, Bie (from Belgium) was the first to mention it actually, in the comments on the Laura Ashley post.

        • Oh, and needless to say, I wanted to try it, for the knitting book I was referring to, has those types of photographs in it. I may still attempt the Badger Balm on the finish photos, we’ll just have to see! xx

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