Knitting on the deep grey pullover of latest design, on a rare and beautiful grey cool July day, up until late afternoon when the clouds dispersed a bit. I’ve decided that regardless of the number of weeks it will take, this summer I want to knit a bunch of these sweaters, because I am really pleased with the design, so that will be me through to September, throwing stitches of mohair & wool, in a good mood. And another wall up for the shop, I was at the come-along cranking the pull rope and taking photos at the same time . . .

I am definitely looking forward to the finish of Jeff’s rebuilt shop. But as it is a weekend job for him on his spare time, it won’t be soon, hopefully by the end of Autumn (?) I have for many years wanted to make some knitting & spinning related items, but no rush on that, for now the knitting is all I can manage. Really.

Edit in: A lullaby sung at bedtime of the fog pouring over the ridge, from the Pacific ocean, thirty something miles from Bodega, and moving rather swiftly! I was in heaven as I watched a while, mesmerized about it as though it were an undulating living thing, before falling asleep. Cresting at 2600 feet, then sinking down the northeast face of Mt Veeder into the Napa Valley, drink it in poor fire ravaged Redwoods and Douglas firs! I may be playing optimistic, but I tend to think . . . to hope . . . that the weather is in our favor this summer, as we are all strung out to the max, over the mercury rising with extremely dry days, and when the wind kicks up, anxiety spirals into dread. Yes, let the wind instead, push us some wispy clouds of little drizzly drops as this. A lullaby indeed, and it was a good deep sleep.

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