Coming this Autumn . . .

Lady in Yellow: I’m serious. Do I look serious? I am, and it is because I am completely finished with these girdling knitteds buttoned to the point of strangulation, and cropped to my elbows and belly button. I tell you, I can not breath, nor eat even half a peanut butter sandwich and I’m starving! I am finished wearing things like this. Why is there nothing else available to knit that is comfortable and not ridiculously objectifying? Oh to be free, modern kind of free, free to move our arms, to bend over to pick up our own hand kerchiefs, and to feel confident to knit our own sweaters the way we want!

Lady in Green: Cheers Yellow, I can’t stand it anymore either. I am worried. Do I look worried? It is because year after year I can not find a single knitting pattern that is both beautiful as well as draping and oversized. I want to wear a big boxy sweater, and call it my boyfriend’s if anybody gives me hassle about it. Then I’ll eat three peanut butter sandwiches, because I am starving too! I tell you, I am completely fed up with one-skein pullovers, I want lavish knitting, acres of fluffy mohair & wool, with perhaps some botanical accent. Make it roses, I love roses. Where is the pattern I want? Is it in the pattern book you’re flipping through?

Lady in Yellow: None in this knitting pamphlet, and I’ve looked cover to cover. Well Green, we’re going to just have to protest I guess, go down to the Five And Dime and demand they carry knitting patterns we actually want to wear!

Lady in Green: I hear you Yellow! Lets go down to Woolworths this weekend and bring our knitting needles and threaten to poke the knitting department’s eyes out if they don’t get us some comfortable-to-wear knitting patterns with pretty colorwork, and that is big enough for our cousin Bertha to wear if she wants to.

Lady in Yellow: I’m in!

Lady in Green: Or we could join Ravelry then wait and see what’s coming around Autumn!

Lady in Yellow: Oh, that’s even a better idea, I’m in with that too!

Lady in Green: In fact, the new Fall Knitting Fashions are just now almost ready, so if we hold on another month, we might get lucky!

Lady in Yellow: And nobody gets their eyes poked with our knitting needles, better idea indeed, lets wait until September and see what Lady Luck brings!

4 thoughts on “Coming this Autumn . . .

  1. So funny! I feel their pain though. I’m guessing your new pattern will be made public at the end of August??? 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

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