A darling little flax bag . . .

Something arrived in the post today, from Pennsylvania, a dear little handspun & knit flax bag from my good friend Virginia!

Backstory: A couple of years ago after moving back into my loft studio, I was hoarding fiber to spin. Sometime in the last year Virginia announced that she was going to learn to spin and got a hold of an authentic antique flax spinning wheel she was renovating ((they have all the great antiques in Pennsylvania I tell you!)) So, in a gesture of congratulations and encouragement, I sent her the flax fiber I had bought, it was not enough to overwhelm a brand new spinner, just a taste of flax fibers. Besides, I still have not spun flax, wasn’t planning on it any time soon, and she had the flax wheel! Well, the dear woman does not dawdle, ever, and she spun that flax up as soon as she could get her wheel going, purring I might say, and look what she made for me out of the flax she spun! As a beginner she has already surpassed me, and I am speechless, utterly. The generosity of the knitters and spinners in my life astounds me.

Thank you Virginia, from the bottom of my heart, and I will cherish it !

7 thoughts on “A darling little flax bag . . .

  1. Thanks Jen, Sorcha and Wendy. It’s fun learning new things and spinning flax was a treat for sure. Making the bag was my intent while spinning to send to Jen who is clearly the most generous person out there in our cyber world. I’m no expert by any means and I’m really struggling to spin the other Egyptian flax that Jen sent as well. It’s different from the natural (that the bag is made from) in that it’s more “tow” flax which is rough with a lot of short fibers and floofy pieces. But I persist! 😵‍💫 Who knows what the spinning fairy comes up with next…stay tuned! ❤️V

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