1930’s flax spinning . . .

What a coincidence, yesterday just after I posted about Virginia learning to spin on an old flax spinning wheel and the little flax knitted bag she made and sent to me, I found this little silent black & white film from Germany, which seems to be an excellent demonstration about the art of dressing the distaff and using an authentic flax spinning wheel and skein winder. Although claiming total ignorance here as I am not sure what’s going on in the very end where the lady puts something of seeming importance on her head covering the top knot in her hair, then marches on out through the village with the spun flax. Can anybody enlighten us in the comments? Anyway I hope you enjoy it . . .

8 thoughts on “1930’s flax spinning . . .

  1. WOW!!! My chin is still on the floor. That is amazing! From the hair style to the chickens on the front stoop…what an art form. Can you even imagine that level of skill? I couldn’t believe how fast her foot was going and she was doing it one handed with NO knots or breaks. Having that type of long fiber flax must be so wonderful to spin but I think I’ll need some professional training to learn how to do that because it takes less twist with longer fibers. I tend to over spin actually but I’m still a newby.
    Thanks for sharing this. I love it. 🥰

    • Lets learn flax-spinning together, what do you say? I will post more on the subject as I have quite an archive full of posts -in-waiting. Thank you for your excitement, I’m chiming in ! xx

      • That is, I’ll try to start spinning some flax as soon as my big overwhelming project taking much more time than I thought it would , and would be lucky if I am ready to try spinning flax on the equinxox! But I am making a concerted effort, and thank you so much for your tips on the flax ! xx

    • I am thinking 1930’s . If you look on the youtube page information it says “This silent film from pre-WWII Germany shows how flax or cotton thread and then yarn is spun from raw stock using a spinning wheel. ” and the title of the video is: HOW TO SPIN FLAX YARN ON A SPINNING WHEEL 1930s SILENT MOVIE

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