Abelene Speaks

Hi humans, its me Abelene the dress form. I have been in the closet a lot these days but Jen promised to let me give a progress report on her latest design, and so here I am. Its just a glimpse but I think it is so pretty, all smelling like roses and with a soft halo of the mohair, and the finish is near.

Jen says she thought she’d never make it through two 50 inch body hoops with their big long double cuff sleeves, holding two yarns together, and yet there still are the neck bands on both, the steek and button band on the cardigan. But she still has a week or so before her deadline smacks her in the back of the head. Just look at the grey one, I think this is my favorite . . .

Jen was really leaning into the stockinette stitches this summer, head down, committing to a one-size-fits-all “Screamin’ the Eighties” (sans shoulder pads) sort of design, but at the same time suffered a bit of self-doubt as always, worried incessantly about it all being a big clumsy design fail. In any case, the only way forward is to keep going, take the risk, and don’t give up. She wants still one day to knit up a finer gauge-substitution sample of the design, like in a dk weight in a size 38-40 inch, because she’s going to include the gauge substitution chart with the pattern. Just for now Jen is feeling a lot of knitting fatigue from two of these swimming sweaters, and told me she’d like to go back in the closet with me to escape. Funny lady.

Ta ta,


5 thoughts on “Abelene Speaks

    • Je ne suis qu’une forme vestimentaire et j’utilise Google Translate, mais Jen pense que vous ferez bien pour le tricoter lorsque le motif est prêt, espérons-le par l’automne Equinox! Restez à l’écoute,
      Amour, Abelene

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