Celebration Chullo

This old chullo was posted about originally almost six years ago in “Old Beloved Brown Thing”, but as recently I’ve not had any deadline knitting to do, and that I happen to have a lot of alpaca yarn stashed, I managed to knit four prototypes and write a pattern for it too, which is only my interpretation of the original. Although I was taking my time, planning on making a collection of chullos, today I realized it is an actual anniversary, a decade since I started designing, so I decided to pull this first one together and submit my modest work this late afternoon, to celebrate. Truly it is modest. It is a tribute work, not so much about my designing, merely my version of a vintage original. Now it is live, and you can read about the details of my little Patamanta chullo over on Ravelry. This chullo is meant to be one of four in a collection, hopefully of my best chullo designs to come, and adding the new chullo patterns to the collection as they are finished, in what would be eventually a four-pattern download. But I think having this one go up first, ahead of the others, is appropriate because the original old alpaca chullo of my brothers was the reason I stared to knit them as works of artful expression, and fun to get it out into the world as one in my official finished patterns. Follow this path for more fun chullos ahead! These are the four I’ve knit up so far, in alpaca…

4 thoughts on “Celebration Chullo

    • Thank you! Only you would remember that post and all the meaning behind the particular chullo, and how it was lost in the wildfire, and yet I had the photos to reconstruct a fair replica anyway. It is first in a series of four, so three more chullos to add to the collection…. and I’m afraid now that I’ve started by submitting Patamanta, I will have to put off my intarsia project, and stay nose-to-the-grindstone and finish the others. 🙂 Thank you so much for your dedicated comments, so appreciated!!!! xxx

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