I discovered this new video rather late popping up on my niece’s YT page, and so beautifully done by the Darling Of The Place!
But maybe discovering it on this very nervous day of the Super Tuesday primary election, is perfect timing after-all. My imagination is really soaring!

The darling of the place

I hear ocean waves again,   a sandy beach , a beautiful girl, and a ukulele   all over again.

Carmel sand dunes,  the smell of the beach fire, I am drifting back …

Whenever the darling of the place  makes these great little music videos strumming on her grandmother Barbara’s old Martin ukulele, it touches my heart. Lift to your ear and hear it, just like the conch shell in a swirling tidal magical way,  the sound is so charming, and so lovely!

A sandy beach, a beautiful girl, and a ukelele.

Got the beach.

Now the girl and the ukelele . . .

My younger niece here, whom so many of you recognize in a gazillion photo shoots on my blog, has learned to play her grandmother’s ukelele.  A Martin, which in its first life accompanied her grandmother Barbara to Carmel beach in Monterey California,  to sing and hang out with the teens til late, in the Beatnik era of the early fifties.  Barbara was also a stunningly beautiful girl, and a musician, and the resemblance is very surprising between the two! Just saying.   Now the ukelele belongs to Yours Truly, and she’s got it in her blood I think, and I just love it!