The Flamborough Vest

I borrowed an established traditional fisherman sweater motif, and designed this vest. I call it the Flamborough Vest after the traditional motifs of the namesake.

I used steeks for armholes as well as front, and I am fully a steek fan from this day on !  What else I did which was new in my experience, was start the ‘v’ for the neck opening higher than is customary for a v-neck, to give optimal warmth, and still not cover up entirely what is worn beneath it. Well also, Jeff didn’t want a crew neck, and I don’t think a standard v-neck would be warm enough, so I decided somewhere in between. It works !  Not being a fashion garment, nor a completely utilitarian one either, it is a nice meeting in the middle. Here is a peek to the progress ~

About the yarn : I would have loved more than anything to knit this vest in a real traditional wool, or even better, my own handspun, but Jeff is extremely sensitive to the touch of wool, starts to itch within ten feet of it.  So I used a nice worsted weight superwash wool, and I have to say, I am surprised at the soft texture ! Not in the least bit scratchy , a one-hundred-percent wool garment.

Detailed on Ravelry

Edit in October 2022: I have designed a vest with two neck shapings, that has three charts, one of which is nearly exactly like this one, the pattern is here:

Best Vest

I mean it,  I am totally smitten over this vest ! In textured knitting, I think it very prudent to choose or design a very enjoyable pattern, and with a nice yarn,  so that the days, weeks, perhaps months it may take to complete the project , are at least not spent in utter boredom. I personally do not get bored while knitting, but just sayin’.  Here is my  best ever vest project in progress, and enjoying every row !

Edit in: Hey! I now have a pattern available for this vest, called Fisher Vest.

By the time I finished the body, I was more than ecstatic to take scizzors to it, and open up the steeks, wash, and block.  (Note to self ;  next time wash and block before cutting steeks. )