A Package Arrived!

I have recieved a gift package from Scottish Highlands ! In fact, I think this package was mailed about the same time that my package (of alpaca mitts and home-made shortbread) was mailed to Kelly , the winner of my little give-away the other week.   Our two packages crossed in flight,  and I just now have picked myself up off of the floor, being that I was completely bowled over by the generosity from Kelly,  in the way of a pile of treats from the Highlands of Bonnie Scotland.

And I do mean a pile .


Some darling wee coasters (already stained with tea rings from my afternoon tea while studying cookbooks )  and postcards, depicting old castles nestled into Scottish landscapes,  and most sweetly,  two yarn cakes from Kelly’s personal stash, of lovely Hebridean 3-ply yarn in the ‘pebble beach’ colorway.

Oh but wait… as if two cakes of Scottish Hebridean yarn wasn’t plenty on it’s own, there’s more !  Some ‘cakes’ of Scottish soap . . .

and ~~~ Scottish cookbooks !!!!

Nay, not one. . .but two !!!


And right on time, because I’ve been having a real hankerin’ for some Cullen Skink lately !

And just look at these adorable wrapped cakes called ” sair heidies ” !!!


I’ll be trying the recipes in these Scottish cook books, beginning today.  I believe me sair heidie is for want of one of these wee wrapped cakes, with my afternoon tea this weekend, perhaps tomorrow,  on an Easter Sunday ( I wonder if I can use wool in place of kitchen twine?)

Ah, but the yarn which arrived in this package, well, it got me thinking.

Since now I’m happy owner of a couple of skeins of some Hebridean 3-ply Virtual Yarns in ‘pebble beach’ colorway…   (see all those colors? Yes, do click the photo) . . .

Pebble-Beach-3ply-Skein, Virtual Yarns

. . . perhaps this is a great incentive to swatch for my first Alice Starmore sweater? Since buying her book “Fishermans Sweaters” a couple of years back, I’ve had one on my mind to knit.  In particular , since acquiring the book, I’ve dreamed of knitting miles of cables and moss stitch diamonds in deep navy tones in this design , and more recently I’ve pondered the idea of substituting her Hebridean 3ply for her Scottish Fleet yarn in one of the fisherman designs.

 However my thoughts have now refined to a more feminine style of ‘fisherman sweater’ style, perhaps an Alice Starmore sweater for myself. I just took a look at her designs for which she uses her Hebridean 3ply yarn, and so now I’ve got my eye on this one~~~

a sweater she calls  Scalpay .

 ((I really do just love shawl collars ))

What do you think? 

*   *    *

Thank you so very much Kelly,   for all of the treats from the your  Scottish Highlands ~~ they’ve become food for thought, as well as for my tummy !   Maybe the Hebridean 3ply yarn you sent will launch me into a knitting diversion,  for I’ve wanted to try for some time, my first Alice Starmore Design. . . just maybe ?

But it’s off to the kitchen for now, because I’ve got a sair heidie thinking about all these knitterly possibilities…. and I’m going to take some pantry inventory and prepare myself for some real Scottish cooking !!! xx !

Falling in Love with Fair Isle.

My first tammy ~ and my own design !   This little tam I made for my girlfriends’ birthday, last year in September .  It’s significance is huge because  it launched a sort of knitting rennaisance in my life.  I had been for the first time become aware of traditional Fair Isle knitting, and had just checked out in the library a heap of books on the subject, including a few of Alice Starmore’s .  I have just bought my first knitting book,  the reprint of Alice Starmore’s  “FairIsle Knitting”.  In the years before this project I hardly knit much, save for a flurry of projects in my first years of spinning, however, in all the years not knitting,  I yearned and yearned.  Yearning has became the word which best expresses my feeling about knitting (when I was not knitting), and from which I entitle this blog  ‘Yarnings’ . This here little Tam O’ Shanter was my first stranded color knitting ever, and it has lured me down a one-way road into  yarn and needles and  designing the next Autumn or Spring sweaters for my nieces. Knitting has  grown in a very short time into a passion which has overtaken all else.

I used the charts provided in Alice Starmore’s “Book of Fair Isle Knitting”  which are for the most part, traditional motifs.  I used Jamiesons Shetland Spindrift yarn ~ so light and fluffy, I absolutely fell in love with Shetland wool !

Finest yarn I knit to date.  Ever !