April Baby On The Way

A blanket knit of pima cotton ~ designed by me ~ for a very special baby girl who is due to be born in the beginning of April.

I love cotton. Don’t get me wrong, I really do, but it is very lifeless yarn to knit for such a large thing as a blanket, or even a sweater for that matter. I never really thought I would be opinionated about yarns, and maybe being a spinner has something for my penchant for wool in particular. I love wool. I love, love, love how it is resilient and alive and has ‘bite’ on the needles, how it can be so well tensioned around fingers, and feel so natural.

But this is really about the April Baby blanket.

It turned out huge, by the way ~ slightly larger than 36in x 48in ~ after it was washed and tumbled on medium heat in the dryer, to try to get it to shrink. On the bright side, it’s a perfect ‘crib blanket’, for baby to grow with, at least until she’s three. Or five.  The fluffy 2ply pima cotton boucle just makes one want to dive right into it and take a nap.

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