A Little Cardigan

jenjoycedesign©a little cardigan

Hi folks. What you see here is the progress of a baby cardigan!  I do not really know what I am doing, and will have to soon consult the volumes which exist for sizing of babies, lengths, circumferences and all for tiny bitty ones to big bouncing ones. My hope is that I can have a baby set sometime by the end of summer (or sooner) .

It feels good to once again make myself a slave to indecision, to ripping out hours upon hours, reknit, then rip again, to blindly look in faith that I will find.  I will find the way to make this little lump of knitting into a darling perfectly fitting cardigan for babies. I will !

Until then, I show you my stitches of ever-so-soft Cascade 220 Superwash Sport. I am doing a lot of garter stitch edging instead of icord and trying to make this the easiest possible lace & stripes project that a knitter can make in a weekend, for a special Little Person that is coming into their world. That is my hope.

jenjoycedesign©little cardigan

As you can see, there is an opening on this design, it is not knit in-the-round, but ‘flat’ (back and forth, with a purl side). It will be seamless all the same, with little sleeves joined on to finish seamlessly. My purl stitching has become weak, from knitting everything in-the-round, but I am working out the purl muscles and will soon be up to par.  The edge you see is the same lace pattern that I’ve edged all my Penny Candy series, but on a bitty scale, and only 1 lace repeat. It will be cute and cuddly and cooing…and have little buttons!  

Really, its been ages since I’ve made a flat-knitted thing, and so looking forward to the button band section. More to come as it goes….

Nora’s Birthday Sweater

Is Finished ! 

After carrying on about i-cord…

… and deliberating over this & that….

And finishing touches…

Photographed in different lighting…

At long last this little sweater can go to it’s wee little child.  In fact, her birthday is just three days before Easter this year, and it *does* happen to look very much like a painted Easter egg !

Nora’s Alpaca Cardigan

I finished this little cardigan well before Christmas , but couldn’t post it until now. So, here it is, Christmas morning and little Nora (who is already starting to walk at eight and a half months) will have her sweater to wear.  Nora is a big baby girl, so I made it plenty big for growing, for hopefully through winter, and into spring.

This was a first in many ways. My first Top-Down knit, my first baby sweater, my first alpaca sweater, as well as little Nora’s first Christmas. I adapted the pattern from this free pattern from Ravelry. I improvised my way through all of the yoke increases, not necessarily following the pattern exactly, but it was a great guideline to have.

I incorporated an edging I’ve been working on for a few projects and suppose it to be a bit of a signature now ~ a sort of hybrid of rib and moss stitch, and now with a vikkel braid stitch bordering the rib on the inside. I also edged the moss stitch yoke bands with vikkel braid stitch, which I think is an absolutely charming and modest detail.

Nora’s Cardigan is ravelled here.   Note ~ the little bunny in photo was my mom’s when she was  a little girl, probably given to her on Christmas, probably about 75 years ago.

Have a Very Merry Christmas  !