Yarn Tasting: five shades of natural


Blackberry Ridge Woolen Mill is a family-owned spinnery located in the hills of Vermont Township in south central Wisconsin, and one hundred percent American.  I like that!  The yarn? Beautiful! I just received by post, five natural shades for a ‘yarn tasting’, and I find this yarn so interesting because the greys are mixed by percentage (below right to left;  cream, 10% grey, 20% grey, 40% grey, and 60% grey.) Rather simple, just natural fleece, and American grown & spun.

The fiber is puffy & soft and woolen spun, and the naturals are heathered in a seriously  beautiful way, much like my favorite yarns for colorwork, from Scottish Isles. In fact, I have been nearly exclusive with Scottish Isles yarns lately for colorwork, my favorite being Virtual Yarns Hebridean 2ply, as the  complex heathered mixes of colors are so rich and beautiful enough to make me weak in the knees, but very unfortunately for me there are no natural undyed shades in the Hebridean 2ply line, and undyed heathery shades I happen to be very fond of. So, I believe this yarn being so nearly exact in feel, type of spin, and weight, I think I have found my heathery greys to match with heathery colors of Hebridean 2ply, and I am really looking forward to knitting with it!