Things going on…

Hunkering down here, as things are happening.   Here’s the news:

Miss Eighteen has left for college. Yup, finally flew the nest. She’ll be settling in with a load of classes and finding a job, and all of those events of college life. There’ll be fewer photo shoots with her, sadly, but when she comes home for holidays, we’ll be sure to get one in! Meanwhile I’ll be sending her knitteds in the mail, and hopefully Miss Fifteen will carry on modelling solo for as long as I can come up with something new.

We signed on officially with our construction company and met down at the county building department over a week ago, so the building plans are in process, rebuilding will start soon.  However, I can’t give you anything but a hopeful “soon”, the plans are not through the office. Maybe foundation will begin before the end of August?

Miss Fifteen’s big summer musical production “Mary Poppins”  for which I had an epic wait until it was over before getting to do our Lincoln Street photo shoot, has already fallen back buried under weeks of past tense. Sigh. Life just shoots along like a bullet, doesn’t it?

Oh, but hey!!! I’ve been knitting up a new prototype of something that I have been immersed with math and percentages on a principle of twelfths, something that I dreamed up hazily nearly a year ago but which I haven’t had the right time to explore. Finally,  I am really enjoy knitting its first sample, and so relieved and pleased that its working out nicely. I am really pleased with this idea!

Okay, now the not so fun things. For those of you who don’t want to know, read no further.   Continue reading