First, a simple pullover, and I made the smallest size in the size run to test, so what-do-ya-know... it actually fits… (but barely) the very tall Miss Twelve!

Second,  with an extra skein & a half which was left over from the pullover, I designed a very simple but very showy cowl,  modeled here by Miss Fifteen . . .


Both girls donned these bulky puffy warm knitteds in the scorching hot Northern California summer temperature, even already at ten-thirty in the morning in St Helena.  But the photos are spectacular for me to put finishing touches on the two patterns coming up very shortly, just need some combing over. Luckily I don’t have a lot else going on this week so I can get them done & dusted.  Then it will be time to knit my nieces their Autumn Sweaters based on this pattern, so watch this space for forthcoming All Things Pullovers & Cowls.

First Cowl Ever!

jenjoycedesign©malabrigo cowlHere is a first ! My first cowl ever knit, and I’m rather sure it’s actually a design in-process.  I’ve held three strands of murky shades of Malabrigo Sock yarn together and knit them using US 11 – 8mm needles to make this cowl , um, kitchener grafted at the two ends which disguised itself rather nicely I might say.   It is a very simple lace repeat design , though difficult to see, yarn is plush & thick with two lace pattern repeats.  The colors’ variegations play with each other nicely making a very subtle earthy overall, but with specks of clearer colors jump out …

jenjoycedesign©malabrigo cowl 2

and oh , I didn’t use circulars for it, but my mother’s retro blue anodized aluminum straights and let me tell you, it was nice to hike along knitting with straight needles for a change.

Another knitted gift done & dusted !

jenjoycedesign©green varigateds