yet another . . .

jenjoycedesign© felted basket bag with short handles

I’ve just finished yet another Maiya’ kma felted wool basket,  and with two short handles it is like a market bag.   I can’t believe how much fun they are to make and I can’t seem to stop myself.  It is truly amazing that such a stiff and rugged wool basket was transformed in two hot wash cycles from this . . .

jenjoycedesign© before felting

I really love this colorway by the way . . .

jenjoycedesign© felted basket bag detail

Here it is paired with the one in the previous post, and now they are a nesting pair!

They are ready for the post now for a birthday next week,  and I so do hope the postal service is on time!

jenjoycedesign© nesting baskets 10

Pattern:   Maiya’kma
Yarn:  Knit Picks Wool Of The Andes Worsted(two-held-together)
Details:  For larger here,  For smaller here.

Tangled Wool

At Oakville Grocery the other day, while in for a cup of coffee to go I found these…

Its motto “Rediscover wool”.

I thought how ‘retro’, how genius, how innovative and somehow modern and old-world at the same time.  I remembered how I made felted slippers decades ago, in my spinning class, by the same method of felting wool fleece into sheets of batting, then cutting the pieces from the batting to sew into slippers. Made me think… and remember how I did it.

I have made a tutorial of how to make wool scraps into felted wool scrubbers >> scrappy scrubbers .  They are seriously tough stuff folks!

Try something fun and innovative, and ecologically sensitive too! Recycle your yarn scraps into something useful, for scrubbing your skin (I even cut small rounds like the facial buffs you can buy, for face scrubbing), dishes,  anything else you might think to use them for. Stack them up and give as a gift!   When it is time to throw out after many uses, you can cut it up and compost, for natural hair makes great compost, and nothing is wasted. As you can see, I’ve made a few gifts from them, and think they are quite interesting and artful too.

Some Felted Satchels

I have been walking.  I have been knitting while walking. A lot !  Lately, when I don’t have anything really going on, there’s always at least a knit-in-the-round project of a bag hanging on the hook as I go out the door, to sling over my shoulders, pick up the rounds, and go.   Lately I’ve made knitting bags . . .

The yarn for this one was from my own handspun which was spun from Hazel’s wool and will be given to someone who requested a knitted lunch bag for Christmas !

 I’ve been knitting while hiking a lot, as you know, and been producing many of these satchels. They felt up well. Nearly too well in fact.  These are two of about five I’ve made in the last couple of months ~ since I’ve gone manic with the knit-walking, you know, I’ve needed them to hold yarns , often two , one slung over each shoulder.

And another…


 I’ve posted all the bags & satchels on my projects page in Ravelry HERE

Well that’s my post for the day,

back to work making more Things Knitted !