Folk Socks

Have started a little project from this book :

The “Classic Sock” .

Finally something for Jeff, though I had to twist his arm leg to let me knit them for him.  He’s just so sensitive to anything even remotely woolly, but I’m very confident the soft superwash merino wool & nylon blend will be soft enough. At about a thousand stitches per inch, these are going to take the remainder of spring and into the summer.  However, I do have a little fantasy of whipping them out, then carrying on with yet another pair from the same book ~maybe the Welsh Country Stockings I posted over in the sidebar, which I envision making for my sister-in-law (I’ve bought the yarn already) Then, after flying through those, I’ll be finally ready to knit myself a pair of knee-high socks of some kind.  Maybe even still another from the book, such as the ” Schottische Kilt Hose” from the same book … or something very kilt-hose-like from another source. We’ll see, that’s far down the road, and as yet, aside from these kilt hoseI’ve not knit a single pair of regular socks yet ! Ever !