Home-Made Candy

Making candy again. One small batch at a time. I call it ‘micro dying’. I use a little one-quart old blue enamel pot, and I start with some homespun alpaca and cook the sugar just right, mixing hues with abandon.

Navy, royal blue, and a t’wee bit of peacock over-dye natural medium grey alpaca until it becomes unmistakably vivid and bold.

Yummy blue alpaca candy !

Spruce and emerald over-dye grey into a mouth-watering green alpaca candy !

 A  real taste sensation when mixed together !

I suprised myself with the color intensity, unusual for me, and I’ll admit, its only the second time I’ve dyed alpaca, and I really love how the fiber responds.

My Thrift Obsession

I’m resisting impulse this morning to run into own, or the city, and ‘happy hoard’.  Seems when I’ve had my coffee and the day is somewhat open, I often get a little bee in my bonnet coercing me toward the pleasures of discovering those unique finds at my favorite thrift shops.  I do this quite often, I am ashamed to admit, however,  even in my own path of shame, I am very proud that I have a closet full of rare finds (mostly), many of which I then alter or over-dye to a custom and signature style which is my own. These are all of very high quality origin, bought for a few dollars.

Now, I’ve already stockpiled these projects-in-queu, and my smallish little loft closet is quite full already, and I find myself *still* dreaming of the Next Big Find, ready to grab my car keys !  Today perhaps a lesson indeed in the Be Here Now-ness of things, and to instead go to my dye pot, and pick out a mix of color for the beautiful thick matte silk EvanPicone A-line skirt I found while thrift shopping yesterday, which is a dusty charcoal, and  would take an overdye in the most intriguing way.  I love those colors-beneath-the-colors, and this would indeed be that affect.

My best kept secret ~

Handspun for Fair Isle

Spun from gorgeous long staple and soft New Zealand Top roving which I often purchase by the half-pound, at Dharma Trading Co. in San Rafael.  I dyed the roving with Jaquard powder acid dye, various reds and maroons, and this spun up to the finest yarn I’ve spun to date.

Smitten with Fair Isle knitting I really tried to emmulate the Shetland yarn while spinning this, and though I thought I spun fine enough, when plied together, the yarn is still not fine enough. Though it is pretty fine anyway, that is a dime in the photo ! Perfect amount of spin, good evenness throughout,  and made a lovely loft !