A (mitt) Fiesta !

As the credits say at the end of this movie video ~ thank you ~ everybody for your test-knitting contributions, I couldn’t have done it without you ! Your mitts are just all so lovely. And now for a photo gallery !


Winner Of The Give-Away !


I have finished knitting the give-away mitts and drawn the winner !  I shall be sending them off right away ( but first , apologies to the winner for misspelling your name in the photo.) It was really fun knitting these very sunny & vernal tones, and for some reason, these colors had me dreaming of my little potted lemon trees , and my tall and rambling English roses out on the deck garden. Yet, it still is only the first half of March, and no blooms yet.




I don’t know how to say this gracefully, but I blunder’d badly and didn’t notice until nearly done with the second mitt, that it is two rows shorter than the first.  This is a major embarrassment, but there’s no time to knit  them over, so they will just have to remain as they are ~~ a statement of my quirky and asymmetric personality !

Watch this space as they say, for soon I will be posting a gallery of photos of all the knitters’ mitts,  who have participated in the first test-knit-along of my first three patterns over in this little group .  I wouldn’t be having this give-away party had I not felt so good about the mitts, and only because so many stepped up to actually knit them,  some many pair !

And thank you kind readers of Yarnings,  well as the knitters of the mitts, for posting in the give-away, and being a part of my celebration of writing my first patterns, however small they are.  I know this will be a memory of encouragement which I will draw upon for months to come.

Now I can look forward to the next knit & give-away,

which is inevitable,

because I had so much fun with this one !!!


Details on Ravelry . . .  here

A Give Away !

What do we have here?  Yarn ! I’m giving away yarn?  Nay , I am going to make something with the yarn and give that away !

A pair of Jenjoyce’s Pin-Striped Fingerless Mitts from my first ever written pattern that has been a good success.   One of Yarning’s regular commenters suggested at the onset of my mitt mania (last xmas-time), that I might give a pair away (and I heed given advice !)  I figure now it’s time to make a special pair from some of my stashed yarns, and start giving out to the kind readers of my blog, some of them who are too shy to post, but just might emerge from the shadows finally… hopefully  ~~~ this is my thanks to all of you for all of your encouragement!

Here are two balls of baby alpaca yarn, in two such lovely heathered shades it difficult to explain, but I’ll give it a try. I think of California afternoon in Spring …the sun three-quarters of the way through the bluest of skies, but with some cheery clouds hovering in the distance, rather like in a Vermeer painting … citrus laden lemon trees,  fruit trees bursting in blossoms,  and aromatic fragrance of yellow roses beginning to bud … as  the warm sun quenches a thirst waited for all winter. . . a feeling of aahhhhhh … as you stand bathing in the sun’s gentle rays of the first warm spring day, after a frightfully frosty morning.  These colors are beautifully representative of nature, golden honey, leaf green, and baby alpaca soft, more Vernal tones than Autumnal.

The mitts will get knit up into a lovely medium-sized pair (a slightly shorter version of ) the fingerless mitts by *moi* to send off to the ‘winner’ ,  just in time for those chilly brisk mornings of the second half of March and early April …. or to wait in your glove drawer until next Autumn  ( very timely if you are from the Southern Hemisphere !)

Just leave a comment on this post, and as soon as the mitts are knitted up in one week ~   I will draw and announce the winner  !  Okay folks, I’m casting on as soon as I post this!

(Note: There are some of you who are making the mitts already in the mitt-along, or who have already been sent a gift of my mitts, but please don’t let that stop you from posting your comment anyway, and joining in on the fun! )

Jenjoyce’s Pin-Striped Fingerless Mitts !!!

jenjoycedesign©Jenjoyce's Pin-striped Fingerless Mits
Hey look, its my latest and greatest accomplishment  !

Okay , so you have seen me make a zillion of these since before Christmas, and I just couldn’t tire of them, then Lizzi convinced me to write this pattern.  You must have noticed the commotion over there in the sidebar with  my “Thought For The Day” screaming jubilantly about having written my first knitting pattern  ever , and the new advertising of a free download !!!!  Well, the odd thing is now I really don’t see as why I should stop. This is a strange and new concept. I was totally blown away that before I even sent the pattern draft of a pdf to Morrie, she had already cast on to test-knit it. We chatted through the afternoon on gmail, as she test-knit away and as I knit up the above pair, while discussing the wording, the nature of  ‘ jogless-ness ‘ , helix effect,  and other such puzzles of the universe. Then the very next morning early with light just peeking through the sky window of my loft, I photographed these against the newly painted wall, and then  I hurriedly slapped it up on Ravelry.   In one day friends, the little “Pin-Striped Mitts” got over forty ‘favorite’ hearts on my Ravelry activity , many queued, one project even finished (I see you Morrie!) … and a whole lot of ’em dowloaded ! And boy did that really make my heart melt into a big puddle !  Excuse me folks for being so giddy, it just that for now, it’s all just a really big deal !!!



Free Pattern on Ravelry over HERE