A Gift By Post

Arrived by post . . . just yesterday . . .

My dear friend Lizzi has sent me Kate’s new book !!!

I am deeply touched, totally and genuinely surprised, and very excited to have it, naturally, as she is one of my favorite designers.

Liz and I ‘met’ on Kate’s blog, and over the recent couple of years she and I have become what I consider ~ very dear friends.

Well, Liz and I have been talking about a little knit-along we would like to start, in the near future,  from  this new book .  We are thinking of this design . . .


( I can’t decide, the tunic ,  or the tam . . . or both ! )

If you would like to join in our wee knit-along,  or just have this lovely collection of designs,  you can be sure to find Kate’s book here

*    *    *

Above all ~~~ Thank You Lizzi !!!

For all your encouragement, your voice of reason, and well… for this book !