Red Sea Meets Sandy Shore ~ Finally, starting the colorwork, in most unexpected combination, from the Really Red Cardigan I’ve been letting sit on the back burners while I finished up a few other knitting deadlines. Back some months, I posted the possible colors I was going to use, asking assistance, in this post here Well, I chose the two left on the bottom photo. Here it goes…

Spring Vests Progress

Nearing the finish of the two bodies of vests for nieces. Can you see the steeked front and sleeve holes? (For those of you who are wondering, steeks are extra stitches made into the round of stitches, to be cut open later, allowing the body to be knit uninterrupted in knit or patterned stitches). So far , this is my 3rd project involving steeks, and I am only now *just* getting the hang of it.

Note: After this project for the nieces, I think I will be quite unlikely to knit self-striping yarn for a while, it’s just so ‘been there-done that’ kind of experience. Vivid, cute, in their favorite colors, but I won’t be in a hurry to knit another self-striping yarn project.

Meanwhile, this just showed up, a box full of one-hundred-percent wool yarn for my next project !