My Thrift Obsession

I’m resisting impulse this morning to run into own, or the city, and ‘happy hoard’.  Seems when I’ve had my coffee and the day is somewhat open, I often get a little bee in my bonnet coercing me toward the pleasures of discovering those unique finds at my favorite thrift shops.  I do this quite often, I am ashamed to admit, however,  even in my own path of shame, I am very proud that I have a closet full of rare finds (mostly), many of which I then alter or over-dye to a custom and signature style which is my own. These are all of very high quality origin, bought for a few dollars.

Now, I’ve already stockpiled these projects-in-queu, and my smallish little loft closet is quite full already, and I find myself *still* dreaming of the Next Big Find, ready to grab my car keys !  Today perhaps a lesson indeed in the Be Here Now-ness of things, and to instead go to my dye pot, and pick out a mix of color for the beautiful thick matte silk EvanPicone A-line skirt I found while thrift shopping yesterday, which is a dusty charcoal, and  would take an overdye in the most intriguing way.  I love those colors-beneath-the-colors, and this would indeed be that affect.

My best kept secret ~