Sweater Success !

089 -

I met my nieces at the Roastery in Calistoga this morning, then we hit the four corners …

090 -

It was a stellar success!

088 -


 It has been a couple of months since the Autumnal Equinox …

086 -

I worried I’d never finish the Autumn sweaters,  having taken them almost-finished when the wildfire came, but recently I finally did finish them, and yesterday I gave them to my nieces.   Photos flew off perfectly  … even more artful than ever before !

045 -

042 -

004 -

017 -

053 -

Miss Seventeen’s cardigan pattern HERE ,  Miss Fifteen’s pullover pattern HERE. 

Special thanks to Wendy , who kindly sent me some of her own buttons all the way from Canada, after having lost my button collection in the fire and could not find any locally for Miss Seventeen’s cardigan. xx

  All sweater successes past ~~~ HERE.