Sewing Relics of Old

Thrift shop find of last week, from a basket of lot of thread, I extracted these little beauties.

 (be sure to click the image and see up-close)
It’s apparent that I have an empassioned fondness for antique sewing and craft things, and was sorely tempted to take every old wooden spool, but I forced myself to leave some. I had gathered several old brands of “Beldings” ,  “Clarks & Co.” ,  “J.P. Coats” … and  I was hoping anxiously I wouldn’t get gouged at check-out, but fortunately I didn’t have to spend more than a few dollars for this little lot.

Just look at these scrumptious little spools of pure silk button thread !

Inspired to make a few more shots of Old Sewing Relics, here is a 1970’s faux wood (plastic)  sewing box my guy gave to his mother when he was a boy. It now perches on a shelf in my projects loft, and keeps mostly my own supplies, however….

Also still inside this old box,  are some of it’s original relics from from the 60’s.

Pink taffeta seam binding !!!

Leather woven buttons, including leather  shanks….

…but these are what really spark my creative curiosity of late ~~~ fabric covered buttons.