My Knitting Loft Overhaul

After 8 years living with an indecisive base coat of pale pinkish peach, I’ve taken a brush-over with terra cotta tones,  my ‘creative colors’ .

The look of  ” Old Building ”  I call it.  It invokes in me a sense of warm nostalgia, and puts me in a  good mood for being productive.

All morning I’ve been finishing up the painting while listening on loop to my new composition,  ( and also the sound of Emma barking like a maniac outside , probably a fresh scent of mountain lion).  Having a cheerful tea break now, finished with the paint, and posting about my soon-to-be overhauled Knitting Loft ! I’m very very excited !!!

Over the week-end, as I painted my Loft, Jeff was glueing the new floor I was mentioning the other day. It will take several weekends before the whole upstairs is floored, but I can show you my Knitting Loft after that, after all is in place and needles and yarns properly placed about.  Good-bye subfloor , I’ll not miss the splinters in my bare feet!

And if you’re wondering how I do it :

1. Dab on paint (BenjaminMoore “AF225” I used half of a $5 sample pint !) thinned down with a little water.

2.  Rub around with a dry rag , being very careful to use an edging tool !

( the white smear you see stained into the beam above, was when I plastered the walls over 8 years ago , not having used an edging tool )

Thats all !  The painted sections of the room evolved as I played around with it, some darker than others, and well, that’s the whole point, to emmulate nature’s weathering.