Pretty Little Things Socks ~ The Pattern

Words that describe these socks are ~ darling, dainty, delightful, durable.  More words are practical, comfortable & completely reminiscent of the bygone era of bobby socks. (I still have yet to make a fresh white pair, with powder blue or blush tones for contrast trim). They’re smart and tough too, evoking for me a very pretty tomboy girl of sixteen. Yes, definitely and understatedly pretty, from the frilly top down to the sturdy toe.


And now . . . to celebrate !

I am offering a free gift of my new pattern to all who leave a comment below, and as it is my 7th pattern submitted so far, this offer will last for 7 days.  (Don’t be shy!)

 * * Day 7 ,  Oct. 23, 2013 ~~ will be the last day of promotional pattern give-away.* * 

 Thank you everybody for being a colossal support, I really feel I couldn’t have done it without your lovely comments & personal messages along the way ~~ xoxoxo!!!

*   *   *

 Pretty Little Things Socks pattern on Yarnings  right HERE.

on Ravelry HERE

And if you fancy a gloves in a matching set, see   Pretty Little Things Gloves !!

32 thoughts on “Pretty Little Things Socks ~ The Pattern

  1. Those socks are truly unique. They are lovely. I hope I’m a winner, because…. you have once again hit on a winner of knitting patterns!

  2. These are tooooo cute for words. I love the little peerie and matching picot tops. How sweet is that? The pile of delicious colors makes my fingers itchy to knitsy the soxes.

  3. HI! I found your blog from Karen’s blog “did you make that?”. There are so many sewers that knit that I am finding I would like to try it. These are such cute socks! My daughter knits. Do you think I could pick this up with a bit of practice?


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