Sweater success at the castle!

jenjoycedesign© castle 25

Autumn pullovers appear in the interesting castle nooks . . .
jenjoycedesign© castle 11

We met in Calistoga at the roastery for coffee while talking about things going on in our lives, and lucky for us it was an absolutely beautiful sunny winter day, so we hopped over to the castle to take our long waited for photo shoot, which went beyond Autumn into winter . . .

jenjoycedesign© castle 21

We got loads of photos against the stone,

and they modeled their Hillwalker Pullovers

sampled with Icelandic flare this year.

jenjoycedesign© castle 20jenjoycedesign© castle 22

jenjoycedesign© castle 23

jenjoycedesign© castle 9

jenjoycedesign© castle 27

jenjoycedesign© castle 26

Just beautiful!   The two of them continue to captivate my interest in designing,  and honestly, it is ultimately for the three of us to have something together that grows and improves over time, with dedication and encouragement interwoven.  I feel so lucky to have these  young women in my life.

jenjoycedesign© castle 12

jenjoycedesign© castle 17

After the photo shoot we went into the town of St Helena and enjoyed our traditional lunch at Villa Corona, and then parted ways.   Every minute delightful, the few hours spent together was for me the absolute cherry on top of the whole holiday!

( All posts Autumn sweaters 2019 here. )

For those of you who have been following my nieces here, in their Autumn Sweaters over the last decade, I’ll have you know that my eldest niece will be twenty years old tomorrow, and these are the tenth (pair of) Autumn sweaters that I have knit for them. They having begun their sweater-camera modeling when I first began my blog with the first Autumn Sweaters of 2010, a similar yoke style which I repeated this year . . .


In front of Calistoga Roastery, Autumn 2010

This post has really brought on the holiday spirit of celebration for me; about craft and nurturing relationships. Having a lovely time and I’m so glad to share with you!

((Please click first image in mosaic and see the whole photo shoot!))


22 thoughts on “Sweater success at the castle!

    • Oh thank you, I’m so glad you’ve seen these sweaters since the very beginning. I also realized although its been ten Autumn Sweaters I’ve knit, there were at least eight Spring Things, and a couple of Summer and odd birthdays too, and everything is multiplied by two, so I’ve officially lost track. Probably knit close to 50 sweaters, which totally blows my socks off!

  1. Amazing!!
    Beautiful, beautiful jumpers for beautiful, beautiful nieces.
    The lasting glory of the “long-game” has never been more beautifully illustrated.
    Merry, Merry Christmas to all your family… including your knitting-fibre family.

    • Karin, I thought as the sweaters waited for a month in the closet, my nieces too busy with school and work to meet in Autumn, pushing the date past the solstice…. I thought, maybe this year the last time. But as soon as we sat down to coffee at the roastery, and I handed them their sweaters to go change into, their eyes lighting up and getting so excited, I realized I am hopelessly addicted to our tradition. Then again after editing the photos and sending them to my nieces first, then uploading on to a post, that the energy has not waned, not even a bit. Then once more after writing the text how it all has become a framework to have a relationship with them, I realize I will never stop knitting for them. Not for another year at least. 😉
      Thank you for being here giving your wise words in the boxes, they are somehow, my connection to the world and a sail at sea. xx

      • It is wonderful, wonderful thing.
        And the feeling of renewal it gives you is one precious part of that.
        You will go from little to big and then quite possibly, back to little again.
        I write from a country on fire.
        It is terrible here. In some parts of Victoria (Posh-town State) and NSW (The Ghost-town State) thousand of people are trapped on beaches.
        Hot, hot fires that are turning huge areas of bush to white ash. Millions of animals dead.
        28 people missing (in addition to the 17 already dead).
        Very bad season.
        I am safe for the moment.
        But safe.
        You keep up that tradition.
        These are indeed the ties that bind.
        Much love

        • Karin, what are the forward-thinking plans for the fires? It is tragic so many die, even the creatures small and so helpless. It is so sad. I’m so very sorry Karin…

          • As you may remember I returned to the Ghost-Town (NSW) in early September and prepared to say good-bye to my beloved cabin.
            So as devastating it will be if I have to lose it (and of course being “unfinished” I cannot insure it…), I have removed Michael’s paintings.
            Here, in Posh-town I have some precious things in boxes ready to go.
            I have knitting! (People have been stuck for days… road-closures, no fuel) so I am packing for a camping holiday from which there might not be much left if I return.
            I pack my chainsaw too. Handy to have in case of trees down etc.
            I have two emergency warning apps on my phone (with a back-up battery as well as chargers).
            Posh-town is good for the moment but it is very vulnerable so if a fire starts here and I need to go I can drive up the Ghost-town. It’s a 10-hour drive but me and Frankie have a home there.
            It’s all the basics…. fuel, water (I have an esky and ice), woollen blankets, toiletries, knitting, communication stuff. Water, water, water…
            It is heart-breaking. The whole sorry mess.
            Thank you for thinking of us.

        • OMG Our hearts go out to you. It is so devastating. I am SO sorry for everyone that is going through this. Please know that we are thinking of you and praying for you. The helplessness is the worst part. Sending you much love, and lots and lots of good thoughts. xoxo

    • Sarah, yes, I think it does mean the same equally to all three of us, and the tradition has obviously set in stone now, if you’ll excuse the pun 🙂

        • Only two is a breeze! Before a the wildfire (will I ever stop saying that?) it was not only Autumn Sweaters I was set into, but Spring Things…. and although I did manage to do Lincoln Street summer tank tops in Aug 2018, I did not do anything this summer, for I was overwhelmed with house building going on. I think I have decided that I will continue with Autumn Sweaters surely ! Thank you for peeking in and rootin’ for the game! xx

  2. wow Jen, great photos… beautiful young ladies… and a wonderful photographer too! All best wishes to your nieces and to you and Jeff for a happy Solstice, Merry Christmas, and also a great 2020! 🙂

    • Mr BJ Fiddleman, thank you for your continued support and encouragement too! May you & all of yours enjoy the winter-into-spring with all the new beginnings that bring you joy! 🙂

  3. So happy to see your lovely nieces again!.. and the sweaters ;-).
    They should really apply for modeling !!! You make all a very good team, it looks everything so natural. Congratulations.

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