Tweed Chronicles: Golden State (of being)


photo from archives: Fields Of Gold

A blissful golden sun-glow in the wild & wide open fields of late summer is signature to California, known as the Golden State.

I love when a storm is brewing and there is the quivering sort of gold from the vines…

photo from archives:  Seasonal

Golden shades throughout the Autumnal landscape …

jenjoycedesign© Autum Landscapes

photo from archives: November Chill

The sort of dried papery gold, from late summer wild peas…

photo from archives: Mountain Knitting

The magical and beautiful golden rays of sunrise in my kitchen…

photo from archives: Golden

But mostly…

photo from archives:  Summer Landscape In Morning

Golden fur of Emma’s, my favorite shade…

golden field

photo from archives: Walking In Autumn

So naturally, I would create my own woolly golden too.

jenjoycedesign© golden rolags

A kind of gold that brings together a color-saturated neutral with natural white,  amber & gold.

jenjoycedesign© golden2

This colorway sings of the mountain in June thru October ~~  it is my “Golden”.

jenjoycedesign© golden3

And here is how I made it …

♣     ♣     ♣

Techy stuff for Golden…


  • Layer color-saturated neutral batt again.
  • draw off rolags.

jenjoycedesign© rolags

  • Colorway blend:  ” Golden ” .
  • See ALL color blending experiments & recipes archived in Tweed Chronicles


6 thoughts on “Tweed Chronicles: Golden State (of being)

  1. Did you hear something? Was that me? Was that a sigh or a gasp? Images and memories, sensory contentment. Is this the Magical Mineral Tour? I loved the grey, but now I’m torn. Ooh…I know. Can you show Fog and Golden together? Or maybe give us a trunk show of all the Tweed Chronicle Creations …so far. You are having fun, lI’ll warrant. : > )

    • Ms Tadpole, oh yes, they are meant, created, to be paired together, and after I have finished my palette (maybe never, eh?) I will begin some colorwork of 2 or more together in … of course… a Jenjoyce Original. Such a patterns will be one hundred percent compatible with commercial sport-dk-worsted weights too. xx

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