Celebrating my finish of Daughter of Redouté Roses, and having a Turkish coffee!

A “mini me” you could say, to the beautiful mother design Redouté Roses . . . or perhaps better described as “a daughter”.  Born out of necessity, or, just because I wanted every mother and daughter duo to be able to wear one together, or, because I really do think the slim-fit version of this big oversized sweater would be amazing too. I think I shall hand this one over to Jeff’s grand-daughter who is eleven, but also, I could knit one in a thicker worsted-weight to fit me, and which I very much plan to do!

Technically speaking, the Daughter is a smaller variation of the original, having only 9 repeats of the rose chart in the yoke, instead of 12 like the original, and the colorwork motifs have been redrawn to make a shorter yoke also, as well as far fewer stitches in the body and sleeves. Also I drew a special rose border chart that is smaller, and rather darling too. Otherwise, the construction exactly as the original, and I’ve included my signature gauge substitution chart with the pattern, so that more sizes can be made from child to adult.

Now, brace yourself for a coincidence, but with a tiny bit of research since finishing the sweater yesterday, I have discovered that the namesake of the design — Pierre-Joseph Redouté — actually did have a daughter! Indeed, so this two-pattern download is a now a complete tribute to Pierre-Joseph Redouté . . . AND. . . his only child, a daughter, whom he very affectionately called Adélaïde.

You simply must see

The Botanical Illustrations of Pierre-Joseph Redouté

Daughter of Redouté Roses (cardigan & pullover) pattern can be found as a second download with Redouté Roses,

Details about prototype project on Ravelry HERE.

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5 thoughts on “Adélaïde

    • I kid you not!!! You know how I’m always slow on the uptake, and yes, I was just wondering maybe Redoute’ had a daughter, and its just so easy to find these things out these days. Thank you, you know , this sweater is fully done & dusted now. I think its time to just make a cup of coffee and stair at the rain drops racing each other down the window pane. 🙂 xx

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