St Andrews Harbour Socks

Go now fishermen of olden days, slip away into the blues and greys of dawn.
Find me,  cast away,  and  draw me back in your nets of knotted twine, for I long to be caught and reeled back in to the world.  O’ to be born into the day once again!      

jenjoycedesign© stack of socks

St Andrews Harbour in Scotland, is an historic fishing harbor inspiring this classic ensemble of socks, mitts & tam, and the namesake for the collection ~~   St Andrews Harbour.


Historic St Andrews Harbour, Fife, Scotland

Remember my series of fishermen neck gansey posts  from last year?

Well, I’ve returned, with a fishermens gansey for your feet !

jenjoycedesign© St-Andrews-Harbour-Socks 2

And for hands….

jenjoycedesign© buttonhole thumb mitts 2

There’s an option for kilt-hose style turned cuffs ~~ adorned with kilt flashes or ribbons tied beneath cuff and folded down, this variation resonates the Scottish Highlands!

Option for legwarmers, anklewarmers, & boot cuffs….

jenjoycedesign© ankle warmers boot cuffs

boot cuffs ~ ankle warmers

Alive O’ !!

A bonus gift included of “Petra’s St Andrews Harbour Tam” !

Because nearing the end of my pattern writing for the socks, my good & dear friend Petra had been busy  test-knitting the socks, but was also (secretly) adapting the sock pattern to a proper sea-worthy tam…


Thank you so much Petra for your tam contribution! ~ xx

So beautiful, easy to knit, and a Must Have! I am knitting one straight away ~~ but more on the tam knitting later.  For now I am working like a team of knitting fisher lassies to get all this pattern submitted and sorted out.


Happy Spring everyone!

I have pushed to have this ready on the Vernal Equinox and and shared in short series of fishermen posts, and at last here it is ~~ done & dusted!

Pattern found on Ravelry HERE. 

16 thoughts on “St Andrews Harbour Socks

    • Thanks Morrie, I am joining in too, knitting more, and more to the pile! I desperately need the distraction through this because the county folk are being monsters and trying to not give us a permit to rebuild because of our road…( more tears ) ttfn

  1. Always love your designs and artistry, Jen! So glad to see you moving forward as best you can after so much destruction a nd sadness from the loss of your beautiful home in the October fires. A group of our Sonoma knitting gals are purchasing this pattern to knit. Maybe a KAL. 🤗

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