Facing the long process of recovering a life even remotely  similar to what was ‘before the fire’  could easily drive one to depression in merely a thought, a blink of an eye. I have discovered that I am very much a person influenced by Things.  Sentimental things are good, craved, needed, and unsentimental things (as furnished rentals) could very much send me over the edge.  Jeff and I are apparently for various reasons not able to just go up and live on our fire-ravaged land in a trailer any time soon,  as was the thought I held on to through the first week of being displaced.  We will have no choice but to weather over this storm of drastic life-upheaval, in another place off of the mountain, and I am going to focus for a few months to recover the basics of what I had and used every day.

I really very much appreciate the resonating requests from all of you, in the comments over the last two posts  Yesterday, today, and tomorrow,   and  Ten acres and a trailer, so many people offering to send things to help.   I have thought long about how to go about this, and want to suggest that if anybody who would like to help out, consider simply buying a pattern or two from my pattern page on Ravelry. . It would be digital, no postage necessary, because right now I don’t have an address, and I would get your support, and I would be grateful.  That would indeed be a help of accumulated pattern sales, and help me to get specifically what I need as soon as possible.  Soon I will get my most recent pattern up and running, and soon I will be in a temporary space, but with my own tools of the trade, and while we rebuild the hermitage on the mountain, at least I could keep working.

Thank you everybody, for being such an important pillar for me during this time,


19 thoughts on “Recovering

  1. Jen, I didn’t know what happen until today, I’ve been very distracted by a health problem in the family. The wildfires were horrible as well here in Portugal, but they didn’t affect me directly, I was lucky. Of course I’ll buy at least one of your patterns and I will share this among some knitters friends. Please, don’t give up and keep going! I can imagine how hard it is, but I wish you all the best my friend! A big, big hug!

  2. Funny you should write this – I’ve been thinking of what we all could do and decided since I’ve wanted to do Calidez Vest, now was a good time to do it. BUT I may have opened a door to send ?? to you – but I will wait til tomorrow when I am well rested and read it all over again and see what I can do on my own. Remember we are all thinking of you. I’ve enjoyed your site and your other patterns for so long this is a smidge in the grand scheme.

  3. Reblogged this on yarn and pencil and commented:
    To my knitting followers… You may be interested in checking out Jen’s patterns on Ravelry. I’ve been following Jen’s blog for ages and have found her blog very inspiring as she is a spinner, fibre blender and knitter. Jen and her husband have recently lost their home, possessions and tools of her trade to the wild fires in the North California mountains.
    Many of Jen’s followers have been asking how they can help and after much thought Jen suggests supporting her by buying her patterns. I’ve just come back from visiting Jen’s Ravelry store. There is a lovely assortment on offer and you may like to go on over there to take a look.
    I’ve bought the ponchita and cowl pattern; I think it will be fab for my handspun yarn 🙂

  4. I shared your Ravelry information on my Instagram and Facebook account, along with a brief synopsis of your story. I hope you don’t mind. I’m hoping our knitting community will rally to help a fellow knitter. If there is anything you need as far as knitting supplies, let me know. I’m pretty sure I have duplicates of most knitting needles! My heart aches for you-still. I did make a few small pattern purchases. Stay strong…❤️

  5. My junior year in high school, we had a fire in our home that displaced us for a few months. Then again, out of college, I moved into an apartment on Monday, had a brand new bed delivered Wednesday and came home from work Friday afternoon to an apartment that had been gutted by fire. So I know all too well the feelings of hopelessness that come with this event in your life. Hang in there. I’m heading to ravelrey now.

  6. I think pattern sales is a fabulous idea. And thank you for giving us an assignment. Who doesn’t loves an invitation to shop? And speaking of shopping, how about gift cards for online sites and stores? Those are particularly gratifying, because even when you give a card, you get to shop for it first. Fun all around. That way, you can work out how and when to pick up your goodies. You can make a list of sites you would like. If not, be forewarned: we might take matters into our own not-so-classy hands. I was thinking, for example, of Gingham-Aprons-Are-Us, or maybe the Mardi Gras Beads of the Month Club.

    I’m like you, so Things are my Thing, too. You need a special luxury or two to cherish, something that is portably permanent, something that boosts your sense of self. Maybe the tools of your art and trade…so who are the best craftsmen and purveyors of those? Maybe you could offer subscriptions of a sort for certain items. We can make this fun – for all of us – instead of something that you would dread. And someday, these objects will be new cherished possessions with good memories. I think the sooner you have some times and things that are worth remembering, the better. What do you think? Can you make us a pretty spreadsheet with a few goodies, divide them up into increments of the usual suspects: $10, $25, $50, $100, etc.?

    In the meantime, create a space in your subconscious for your book. I know it will be brewing there.

    I’m sending hugs. Pass one on to Emma, please.
    p.s. smile a while…when you can. :» )

  7. Jen, a friend shared this post with me, which I am in turn sharing with a bunch of fellow knitters. Thank you for your beautiful writing, beautiful knitting, and beautiful designing (I can’t wait to cast on your gorgeous Fishwives Lace Shoal pattern soon!). Sending thoughts of peace and strength in this verytrying time.

  8. I’m so very sorry. I’ve purchased patterns and posted your story on my Facebook page. We’re you able to Dave your wheel and fiber?

  9. Jenn, I was so sorry to read of your loss. I am glad to help out by purchasing a few of your patterns. I just finished a Fair Isle sweater and I think I have enough yarn leftover to make that gorgeous vest.
    I hope you can rebuild and return home soon. I’m sharing your Ravelry page with my knitting friends in the hopes that they’ll find something they love. Wishing you all the best

  10. JenI am sending love from Ireland!! I just heard the news. I am VERY glad that you and your loved ones are safe. I will go to your pattern shop right now. Hugs.

  11. Jen, i am sending to you good thoughts and prayers, and i am just so sorry to hear if your loss. Headed over to your ravelry page now. Hugs to you and yours, and if and when the time comes, any thing in my stash that strikes your fancy will be yours.

  12. So sorry to hear about the loss of your beautiful home. I loved seeing the photos and had hoped to visit you there one day. Half the homes in my neighborhood are gone but by some miracle ours survived with only minor damage despite the fire burning on three sides of us. I did visit your Ravelry store and purchased two patterns I had been eyeing for some time, a small gesture, the least I can do.


  13. My friend Kandi in Sonoma shared your story with me. I purchased a pattern and shared with my Silicon Valley Knitters group. Several have already bought some of your patterns. Knitters are the best!! Wishing you the best through this trying time.

  14. I’m more than willing to help you and feel really great about helping one of those in crisis. I simply cannot imagine losing ALL OF MY KNITTING, my equipment, my notes, etc…., irreplaceable…. I’m here to help and more than happy to. We all send up prayers for you and your family for a quick and easy recovery. It I just sounds devastating and I’m willing to help you…. always fun to add to my already overflowing collection of patterns. I’m happy I’ve been given a guilt-free trip to the “pattern store”…….GOD BLESS YOU ALL and if there is more you need…. please put out the word.❣️ Do not hesitate… we ALL LOVE. To shop!❣️

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