As most of you know its been a very long and difficult wait from losing our home to the wildfire last October 2017, but now the posts & beams coming together with alarming speed! It is the very same timberframe kit as Jeff and I  built from the years 1999-2005, and I’m quite grateful that we have a small group of expert & artful builders willing to brave their way all the way to Napa, then up this mountain to rebuild our home!


There will be a flurry of building related posts, and thus far the builders have only done half of the first floor, but the first posts & beams to go up are the most magical of them all as you will probably agree…

(click first image in mosaic to see slideshow)


I’ll post more when they get to the second level.
Signing off ecstatic.

♥    ♥    ♥

See all posts about our building our timberframe house HERE.

23 thoughts on “Timberframe!

    • Yes! And when the road is built over the next weeks, we can walk to each others’ houses again, a new tradition we could start? I think to your house is only barely a mile. I can’t wait. I feel nearly as I did the first time it was built. xx

  1. wow! What wonderful photos of an exciting time! So you are building the same house? Since your fire, I have wondered what I would do. Would I build the same house, or tweak it? Or build something completely different? It would be so hard to know what to do.

    • The second story ‘ deck ‘ will be nailed on beginning monday, then the second story posts&beams go up, and I think its going to be going like gangbusters now, It is the same ‘model’ kit, with the plans, but upgraded codes are mandatory, so in a way, it will not be the same, and we of course, do not have the same things inside, so it will be very different. I am able to accept things being different, I am happy with the house on its way.xx

      • But its wonderful Sarah, recognizing all the posts & beams as they are put into place… like my walls have been gone for over a year, I lost my bearing I think. Humans are so connecting to walls, feel comfortable within them, its funny that way. Like ‘ hey, there’s walls around me, I’m home! ‘ sort of thing.

  2. I am so happy for you! This is the most beautiful I could saw today! Thank you so much for sharing! Good luck with the building progress,
    xx Petra

    • Kelly, thank you, you are such a wonderful cheerleader. Although this part goes fast and is really stunning, the rest will take some time. I’ll consider myself lucky if by next summer it is finished. CANT WAIT! xx

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