Wee Hearts in July

jenjoycedesign©Wee Hearts Isager Tweed (1)

I have merged Wee Hearts Tam & Skier pattern with Wee Hearts Mitts pattern, now two patterns in one download  ;  that is a tam, ski hat, fingerless mitts and full mitten pattern all together! To celebrate the event, I’m having a bit of a promotion for my new ‘merge’, and you can (for an undisclosed number of hours or days)  join in with the others for ‘Wee Hearts In July’ KAL…

EDIT IN:  Pattern give-away for Wee Hearts In July KAL is now over, thank you to all of you who participated ! 

The knit-along is as always, informal, and no deadline, and no fuss…. pure enjoyment. I hope to see your Wee Hearts ! But hop on the pattern give-away, it will only run for a very short while.

Oh, and joining in with the others,  I too have cast on for Wee Hearts In July KAL , making the tam  with some lovely Isager Tweed, made in Ireland~~ a  seriously beautiful fingering weight tweed, and I had bought the colorway of  moss green and light grey, so evocative of Ireland’s mists on the bog, which I am seriously fantasizing . However, I somehow decided last minute to over-dye the light grey into a pink, which in scorching hot Northern California weather, dried in less than an hour hanging out on the clothes line, so away I went! Blasted through the Latvian Braid, and now already  well into it.

jenjoycedesign©Wee Hearts Isager Tweed (2)

Doesn’t the warm moss green look lovely next to the tweedy pink?

So here & now, knitting yarn from Ireland, listening to righteous Traditional Irish Music Sessions on Youtube, still fantasizing the misty Irish countryside, and warm room with stout beer and magical sound of good ol’ unplugged acoustic instrumental music.

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