jenjoycedesign© weathering 4.28
4:28 pm.

Drama in the sky!

jenjoycedesign© weathering 4.38
4:38 pm.

Everything in the world is like the rolling churning weather,

clouds swiftly moving and reshaping.

jenjoycedesign© weathering 4.48
4:48 pm.

We’re “sheltering in” at the hermitage in a war against corona virus,

surreal times,   I don’t have words.

jenjoycedesign© weathering 4.58
4:58 pm.

I am worried for everybody, and feeling fidgety and nervous. Even knitting is difficult.  I had hoped to launch into something ultra designerly,  but instead I’ve spent two days patching threadbare clothes, hand-stitching, reinforcing shredded edges, and being ridiculously old-fashioned, and I don’t see any reason why I shouldn’t.  This too shall pass.

♥    ♥    ♥

Thank you everybody who left comment in the previous post Emma Was,

it really held me through a rough patch ~~ xx


6 thoughts on “weathering

  1. Gorgeous photos of the views from your mountain. I am sending lots of positive thoughts for you and your family as well as everyone.

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