Calidez Vest Pattern !

jenjoycedesign-calidez-vestI have worked like an ox to get this vest up and running before the holidays descend, and I think yesterday I never moved from my desk while immersed in a last-minute change, crunching numbers to augment the size range for this design for larger sizes in finer weight yarns… and I mean from dawn until dusk! 


Calidez Vest with crew neck shaping

Today a frenzy of sewing on buttons (before the dark grey vest was even completely dry!) then photographing, and finally submitting it to Ravelry…  now I am just about ready to say its time for a walk out in the misty woods, for the rain has finally broken after two days of solid downpour.


Calidez Vest with v-neck shaping

Feeling too exhausted to say much , except for the important things….

 Calidez Vest on Ravelry

…  and Calidez Vest in progress on previous posts here and here.

A classic vest for women, men, teens & kids (shown in bulky Icelandic) Calidez Vest is knit bottom up with seamless construction, and flat. Pattern includes a substitution chart for gauges 2.5 to 6.5 stitches to the inch, and has extensive size range from 60” to 25”. Vest has v-neck shaping, with options for crew and high v-neck shapes. Calidez Vest is suitable for for all ages & all year round, and is perfect for all kinds of fiber, yarn weights & especially your hand-spun !


19 thoughts on “Calidez Vest Pattern !

    • Michele, so you know where your nearest knitting teacher is, whenever you want to try~~ these vests are not too difficult for a first knitted garment, by the way, you could do it, gushing over with talent yourself! xx

  1. Congratulations Jen 🎉
    This is so beautiful in it’s simplicity!
    And you created a perfect Calidez Trio, sweater & cardigan & vest.

  2. You must have read my mind. I am still working on the cardigan and wishing it had a V neck. Now I will look forward to knitting a vest too.

  3. These are beautiful! And I love the look of this yarn. But I do love the Icelandics. Grand job, Jen! The crew neck is my fav as well. Applause all around.

  4. Hi Jen… I found this pattern on line, through Pinterest. I absolutely love it! I’m using Alpaca sport weight wool (3 ply). My needle size will be US 7 and US 5. It’s my first attempt at a garment such as this. I’ve knit smaller items such as hand warmers, socks, and hats. I have concerns about adjusting the pattern for correct gauge for my size and yarn weight. I wear a medium (size 8-10) normally. My knitting guru down the way and I have determined I need to cast on 173 stitches. Does this seem right to you? Thanx in advance for any help you can give me.

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